Monday, February 16, 2009

Warmachine Upgrades to v2.0

So the news has just rolled out that Privateer Press will be revamping Warmachine and Hordes in 2010. There are some details already on their website. click here for the official info. So we are looking forward to Warmchine Mark 2 or version 2.0. (everythings gone 2.0 now it seems)

Sounds like they will be making the jacks better and balancing out some over powered units. Plus redoing a bunch of rules and trying to simplify I'm sure. Faction books will not be far behind, or even at the same time I bet. So because I will most likely loose the functionality of my lovable Menoth Bearer for my Zealots plus others. I know how everyone loves them. I took the liberty of creating a new character that would be a blessing to Menoth in the 2.0 version. You never know... stranger things have happened.

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CB said...

Voyle is dead dude!!! I can see him coming back as an evil lich king or something though the dirty menite.

Anyway the new edition of WM should be interesting. I think most of the newest stuff is pretty well balanced, I imagine they'll move WM more towards the way Hordes work and balance some of the older units/casters that are either too good or not good enough.
I'm thinking all of the jacks will get some rules that will make them more like the new character jacks and bring them up to that level, or make them cheaper or something.

Spooktalker said...
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Spooktalker said...

I've been following the story (almost 2k posts so far on the pp forums) and am optimistic about the new version. The mkII faq explains jacks are going to get to fight on till their last damage box and mat and rat points are getting handed out to many. And no more to-hit penalties for power attacks.

This news has instantaneous effects: I've taken my leviathan, seether, slayer and machine wraith out of the ebay pile! :) And I even have a necro surgeon around here somewhere (to my credit I was going to convert her for 40k, but still, now I might actually use her for Warmachine. One can hope, right?). My hope is holding out for my arcuarii as well.

My impression of Warmachine has always been that there are fewer dead-weight units than in some other games, but in the past year or so that's been changing. I think the reboot is a good idea and I'm excited. Compare with the release of 5th ed 40k where I didn't even bat an eyelash, but less buy a copy.

p.s. I don't know my Menoth fluff enough to comment on yr Voyle card.

Op-For said...

I found my Journeyman Warcaster and got him and my Gun mages built and ready to paint. I just need Siege, some trenchers, a hunter, a few lancers and I then I can do Four Star Sydicate or Magnus Agenda or Tesla's Magical Cub Scouts.

CB said...

I've got an extra Lancer for you dude. I'll bring it tonight.