Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have [the blog] your way!

Have it your way, Part 2. A fully customizable WordPress solution is just around the corner! I offer to host the site as part of my current hosting package I have set up for Here are the details. I have a hosting package that let's me link two domains to my server space, but I've only ever made use of one. I've been considering downgrading my account, but using it for Op-For seems the best solution we've considered. I'll take care of the hosting, and everyone interested could be contributors. In return, I'd like to set up a donation button on the blog and a corresponding Op-For warchest. I would aim to raise about $25/year to cover half of my hosting plan costs, and any amount generated above that would go to prizes and other worthy causes to be voted by committee. I would let us all know when we reached the $25 goal.
What do you think?

If you go for it, the next big question is, WHAT IS OUR DOMAIN TO BE?
You know the situation. Op-For, Opfor, OPFOR, OP4, OpFor etc ad infinitum. CR is in possession of the domain (or .org? .com?). I think if we go with that we need to change our name to match. So far on the blog we've been going with Op-For (or is that OP-FOR?). I know CR and maybe others are invested one way or another (CR has the op-for in his email, etc.) Our yahoo group (anyone remember that?) is opfor ( The op4 domain was grabbed up because it was the only one of any of the permutations of letters that was still available. So if we don't want to be op4, we'll have to add something to whatever we choose (it can't just be op-for, opfor, etc.). Personally I like camel-case (OpFor), cause hyphens are yesterday.

But I'm drawing a blank for a great domain name, so I'm polling you all. Sound off and let me know, is the above solution a good one? And if so, what should our domain be, and how, once and for all, do you spell Op-For?


skywatcher said...

Very good idea and the opfor group would be well deserved to have their own. Not sure if I'm actually part of the crew. As for setting up Word Press, it's gosh darn easy thing to do, in case you haven't done before. If you need any help let me know, I come from a website developing background. I don't see why the wouldn't work. Short and sweet is usually better. I agree with not using a dash. But capitals have no bearing on the actual domain name, just how best it reads. Even though they s**k, probably has the best domain prices.

Domains available right now:

Op-For said...

I don't know if it will feel more or less like a coup if I let you guys decide. I always wanted it to be more of a collaboration. That way when it comes to its inevitable end, during the trials, no one can say, "I was just following orders." Oh, and Krycek (awesome name btw) you are part of the crew, we'll get you fitted for your robes and mask as soon as you do the bloodletting ceremony...

Op-For said...

Is it weird that both of the have it your way posts have subtle Star Wars themes? Burger King has a cape and an expressionless mask, Darth Vader has a cape and an expressionless mask. Need I say more?

Spooktalker said...

Thanks Krycek, your skills could definitely come in handy as we expand Op-For's dominion in cyberspace. I also have web experience, and my studies in the MLIS program I'm in now have strong web and database components. I run my miniatures studio site ( on WordPress as well as a companion blog in the works, and I've run a library-related blog with it in the past.

We were having this discussion earlier in the blog (first few posts) of which platform it should have. I was pushing for WordPress or Drupal then and it sounded like everyone was one board. We were just working out the server space and domain issues.

Op-for, a coup? Man, I don't want it to be a coup. :( Anyone can be as involved with the blog as they want, from making comments, to adding posts, to working on a Scriblio game library, an image gallery, doing the installations and maintenance via ftp, doing web design and scripting. I was just offering the space to do it on, and since I think my plan offers me two domains as part of the package, this would be our opportunity to either run with or choose another.

I just need to have group support in a few key areas before I commit my energy to it.
a) folks are willing to pitch in a few bucks a year (literally) to reach a $25 goal.
b) folks are onboard to use WordPress and grow the site.
c)what domain?

After that, there will be plenty of work for anyone who wants to take the initiative.

But if anyone doesn't want to switch, let me know that too! My view is I want to be involved with the blog but the Blogger interface is keeping me away.

p.s. I've finished installing my new blog and am only waiting for the new version of my chosen gallery solution (Piwigo) to be released (end of Feb). Part of my reason for wanting WordPress is so I can feed content between them via RSS.

Spooktalker said...

Also, if we want to do WordPress but CR, you want to maintain the server, that's a perfectly viable option. In that case, you can run the Warchest and I will pitch in. Sounds like Krycek might know a good host. I use Mochahost and don't recommend them. I'm just too strapped for time to find a better option.

Op-For said...

I was being sarcastic. I want this baby to grow wings and fly. $25 a year sounds great unless Krycek has a better solution. I thought was cool because it was the least letters and had a tagger vibe to it. Also, I'm fine with the club name and web addy not matching, it reminds me of a old SNL sketch where a bank set up a website, but all the domain names were taken and the only one available was clownpenis.fart.

Spooktalker said...

Damn it, the comment I left last night didn't go through. What was I saying? . . .

Oh yea, you need to learn to use your emoticons! ;)

Seriously, great to hear you guys are into WordPress. Yeah, I think my combo package gives us a better deal than you'll find solo -- bulk buy all that. I'm cool with op4, it's growing on me.

Is it

As Krycek points out, is also free though. Something to consider because I think I get the domain for free along with the package, so it would actually be easier to take a new domain than transfer over the old one.

But op4 is good by me. I just need to notify mochahost after I'm sure what domain we want, and if it's op4 they will no doubt need to contact you to verify linking the domain to my server space.

After that, wings, flying, you name it!

skywatcher said...

Sounds great Spooktalker. I am a big fan of wordpress. Very customizable, easy to use and tons of fun things. Sounds like you got the plan to host it. I will definitely pitch in some $ for it. It will function the same way, everyone can post and make changes just like now. But it's got more tricks up it's sleeves. I like name personally.

CB said...

Uh ya...

Whatever you guys want is cool with me. Just tell me where to send the check.


Spooktalker said...

Cool, sounds like we've got the impetus to push ahead with wp. I just need to get some info on that op4 domain from CR, I'll install it and post here with more info. Cheers!