Friday, March 22, 2013

Litko Tokens for Battlefleet Gothic BFG

I had been on eBay a number of times watching and waiting to purchase tokens for Battlefleet Gothic. But they are in high demand, and the bids always got going crazy high, so I sought out an alternative. A little bit of digging headed me over to Litko. They are well known for high quality tokens. I messaged them on facebook and got a custom quote to set me up with what I needed. Here is what I ordered:

gothic space template, clear
gothic space blast, base only, fluorescent orange, 5 pack
A closeup on a blast marker. A little over 1" square.
gothic space missile set, 10 tokens, translucent green, SKU JPL1017
Closeup on the large 6 missle token

I am very pleased with the quality of the tokens. The plastic material is more durable than the cardboard counterparts and look very nice. I don't have the original sets to compare sizing, but they seem in line. It did take a few weeks for them to make/mail to me. But well worth it, and I highly recommend.