Monday, January 9, 2012

Miniature Review: St. Nikolaus by Tor Gaming

Let's do a product review. Have you heard of Tor Gaming? If not, go check them out. They produce 28mm scale miniatures and have created two gaming systems they work with (Relics and Unbridled Fury). We will talk about their Relics game which they coined "stitchpunk." They have developed three factions within the game. A Britanan and two monster type groups. The models in the Britanan are sorta cute, stitched together, dolls bearing weaponry and clothing from the early days of Britain's army. They have just posted up their rules and are beta testing at this time. A great time to get into the game! Reviewed here is a promotional piece called St. Nikolaus, themed after jolly old St. Nic, but in stitchpunk styling...

What's in the Box? (or blister):

This blister pack included everything to assemble on St. Nikolaus model. And was easily opened, no cutting or sharp plastic edges! Blister was labeled with part number TGRBESN1
  • One St. Nikolaus body
  • One bag of holiday goodies
  • Sprue with piping and bone pieces
  • One 40mm round plastic slotted base

Sculpting/Casting Notes:

This model is on the small size compared to others I've worked with. The quality of the casting is very good. With very little mold lines and the flash was almost not existent. This model is only a few pieces so it should be easy to assemble. Pose options are limited. The model stands about 16mm to eye level.

Here is a size comparison to some other models.


A very nice model. If your on the lookout for a little more light hearted skirmish game, maybe Relics is your ticket. Thanks again to Tor Gaming, and I am looking forward to checking out their gaming rules and how they develop more.

Click here to order on Tor Gamings website

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Resolutions

The clock struck 12 and 2012 is here. As are traditions, we made a few resolutions last year and now is the time we reflect on them. How did you do? Good, or not so much. For myself I made 6 hobby gaming resolutions. It looks like I completed 3 of them. For the first time I attended a gaming convention, KublaCon. It was a blast. 3 days of hanging out and living the gamers life. I definitely plan on going again. I also upped my postings for this blog, looks like I posted at least 2 posts a month last year. And I only started one new gaming system, Bloodbowl (Thanks to Op-For's generosity). Now for 2012... comment and share yours too.

1. Complete my playable Bloodbowl Chaos team
2. Complete my Mordheim Carnival of Chaos warband
3. Host a game day at my house
4. Create a diorama piece
5. Continue actively posting to this blog (a repeat from last year cause its a good one)
6. Organize my collection of miniatures, supplies and tools better