Monday, February 20, 2012

Work in Progressssssssss.

Been working on a birthday gift for a friend, the very pulpy Kol. Zanzibar from East Riding Miniatures. He comes with a Not Cobra Commander alternate head, but what he real needs to take over the world is a good cape. How could he boogie to Three Dog Night without one? Besides, there is a technique for sculpting capes I've always wanted to try.

I had cleaned assembled and based the miniature before hand. I used Green Stuff, it has a predictable set time and is stiff enough to span gaps unsupported. After mixing I rolled it out as flat as I could, then put it in between to sheets of plastic. I used a sandwich bag. Then I pressed it between two hard cover books, standing on them in order to get it even flatter. I let the putty set for 20 minutes before removing it from the sandwich bag, then cut it into the size and shape I needed. The putty was stiff enough to hold its shape, yet still workable. Once stuck to the miniature, I used a rubber tipped shaper to smooth folds and curves, and a metal blade tool to create the smaller wrinkles at the top of the cape.

There were a few unwanted wrinkles from the sandwich bag as well as from the shaping. I plan on touching these up with some more putty. Here is the cape from the front:


skywatcher said...

Nicely done! Even Serpentor would be proud.

Spooktalker said...

Sssssssssssweet! It's really dangerous to post stuff like this where I can find it, btw. Visions of converting up my favorite Joes e.g. Tunnel Rat, Shockwave, Ripcord, etc. to sculpting/casting H.I.S.S. tanks and what not are gonna torment me in my dreams and shit.

OpForOverlord said...

Would the Baroness be knob-rot or Klocken-booty?

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