Saturday, February 4, 2012

BTW My Solo Project

At least a couple of you must have seen this already, but I realized I get up to Op-For HQ so infrequently these days (deep cover covert ops, etc, you know how it goes) the word has probably not got around. But for the past six months now I've been doing a blog called Belched for the Depths—check it out!

The low-down is, now that my new career is in full swing and I've shelved the commission painting gig I've finally got the time to throw myself into my own projects, and BftD is for those projects.

Don't worry, though, I'm not leaving the band and you can still find me around here on the Op-For blog. I know you were all panicking there for a sec. ;)


skywatcher said...

Nice, I wasn't aware of it. I will check it out. Love seeing those old models painted up so well.

Spooktalker said...

Cheers man, glad you like!