Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Resolutions

The clock struck 12 and 2012 is here. As are traditions, we made a few resolutions last year and now is the time we reflect on them. How did you do? Good, or not so much. For myself I made 6 hobby gaming resolutions. It looks like I completed 3 of them. For the first time I attended a gaming convention, KublaCon. It was a blast. 3 days of hanging out and living the gamers life. I definitely plan on going again. I also upped my postings for this blog, looks like I posted at least 2 posts a month last year. And I only started one new gaming system, Bloodbowl (Thanks to Op-For's generosity). Now for 2012... comment and share yours too.

1. Complete my playable Bloodbowl Chaos team
2. Complete my Mordheim Carnival of Chaos warband
3. Host a game day at my house
4. Create a diorama piece
5. Continue actively posting to this blog (a repeat from last year cause its a good one)
6. Organize my collection of miniatures, supplies and tools better


CB said...

Been Meaning to update for 2012 as well. Here's how I did for 2011:

1) Finish painting up Cygnar Kraye Tier list for Warmachine, and post progress to the blog.

FAIL! I think I painted a hunter and basecoated a unit of rangers. Not even close.

2) Clean house! and clear out some stuff that's been sitting around forever (Warhammer Dwarves, extra Empire, tons of misc. crap).

SUCCESS! Warhammer Dwarves gone, bunch of extra Skorne and Warmachine gone, still have to clean out some stuff this year, but most of this was rolled into infinity.

3) Play a game of Epic with Damon and Clark or give the stuff back!

FAIL! We talked about it and I even cracked the book open, but didn't get anywhere with it. Maybe in 2012.

4) Play a game of Arkham Horror which I've had for 2 years unplayed or kick it to the curb.

SUCCESS! Arkham Horror is cool. Happy to finally get it going and it isn't to complicated.

5) Run one session of Rogue Trader for you guys (Clark b-day redux?).

FAIL! Been itching for some RPG, maybe a Shadowrun 1 off or something.

6) Sacrifice some video gaming time for more painting/modeling/Terrain time (just got Fallout New Vegas, and Lotro Mines of Moria for Christmas ...uhh ya I'll work on it.

FAIL! Little kids, xbox 360 = not much painting. Have Skyrim, LA Noir, and Arkham City with Mass Effect 3 due out this year, so we'll see this year.

7)Start no more than 1 new game system (board games don't count).

UH don't know, probably FAIL. Infinity is new this year as are Uncharted Seas and AE WW2 but not really playing either of the other 2. Games I've played relatively recently include: Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, Mordheim. Games I'd like to play soon: The same with maybe a game or 2 of WHFB for kicks during 2012. AE WW2 is fun but noone plays it really, maybe some germans are in order!

Goals for 2012:

1. Paint more: I've been finally getting some motivation to paint up some Skorne and have made some progress on my Infinity Combined Army. I'll try to close out the CA, finish a JSA army for Infinity, and paint some other random stuff.

2. Terrain: I have some primed and unpainted terrain and some Infinity terrain to finish up. I resolve to take a bite out of that.

3. New games: If I start up a new one, get rid of one of the old ones gathering dust on the shelf.

OpForOverlord said...

Whoops, 0 and 4 for me. I blame the forces of evil, and by evil well... I think you know who I mean. Stress and poverty have a funny way of putting the damper on wargaming.

So here is 2012's list:
1)Do something ambitious at KublaCon. I have something nuts in mind, we'll see.

2)Paint up two sets of Dreadfleet. One for me, one for Gino.

3)Con everyone into playing Inquisimunda, so I can game in the 40k universe without actually having to play 40k.

4)Run a sick-house RPG campaign. This one is actually in the works, I'll post some reports once it gets going.