Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Community Showcase: Two Sides Of The Coin

After seeing this diorama on Massive Voodoo, I wanted to post it here to share with others in hopes more people will enjoy it. It is called The Return Of The Warlord – Two Sides Of The Coin and was created by Matt Cexwish. It appears to have won both a Golden Demon and a Slayer Sword, and it is deserving of them for sure.

The diorama (or two) is a city street scene that rotates as you turn the crank it is mounted to. A music box also plays a tune as the scene revolves. Watch Video. One side of the scene depicts a soldier going off to war, and everyone cheers and it is upbeat. The second side, he has returned slain, and the city is broken and in shambles. Here are a few pictures...

View more detailed shots on it's CMON pages: Life Scene | Death Scene

A neat view of each scene: Life | Death

Enjoy and share...

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