Monday, June 20, 2011

Warmachine: Newest Rumors

New hotness from Privateer Press...
  • 2012 will see book releases for both Warmachine & Hordes (including version 3 of Asphyxious and Lylyth)
  • Iron Kingdom RPG will be released for GenCon 2012 using it's own system
  • Another Bodgers game called Heap to be released. You are bodgers creating vehicles from scrap.
  • PP announced a new [setting/game] called Level 7. No info, but the community is speculating it will be a sci-fi game. Apparently the name Level 7 refers to a nuclear warning level.

Here are some photos for fun.

A Skorne heavy warbeast of sorts

Skorne Battle Engine

Trolls Battle Engine

Circle Battle Engine

Cygnar warjack called Avenger

And the mysterious Level 7 ?!?

Sourced from: Lost Hemisphere

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