Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review: Secret Weapon Bases

Next up for review is two sets of bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I just received this in yesterday and wanted to do a quick overview.

I ordered two sets of the Secret Weapon Miniatures 25mm beveled base sets: Flight Deck & Steel Plating.

What's in the Box? (or bag):

They came bagged up together, and shipped rather quickly. Here is a shot of them side by side. Each set included 10 bases that are pressure cast resin bases.

The casting quality is very good. Very detailed metal appearance, with small little details. As you can see there is some cleanup to be done. Most of them will need some minor flashing trimmed off along the bottom lip of the base.

A picture showing the bottom of the bases. I wanted to at least share this because of other issues I've read regarding resin casts out there. As you can see there are very few castings bubbles, and each base has a very smooth bottom. Only minimal cleanup really needed. So SW gets high marks on quality!

A shot of the Flight Deck set. More subtle and sci-fi looking details.

A size comparison shot between the Secret Weapon 25mm and bases from Privateer Press and Games Workshop.

Overall Impressions:

My plan when I ordered them was to use these bases for a Necromunda gang. Now looking at them I think they should work wonderfully. I paid $10 for each 10 base set. I think a dollar a base is a pretty fair price, and would recommend. They offer many other sizes and styles. I would also recommend checking out the washes and pigments that Secret Weapon has just released.

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Spooktalker said...

Thanks for the review, man! My source for awesome resin bases might remain Fenris Games but these bases look good too.