Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Carnival of Chaos -=- WIP -=- Part 2

Carnival Warband Update!

I have made some progress assembling the group. First here is one of the Brethren. Spear, knife and a quiver of arrows on his back.

Brute strongman with a big a$$ hammer. I replaced the head of the hammer that he came with with a larger one that I built. I think I may still add a few metal straps wrapping around the head of the hammer, it seems alittle plain.

Watch out for the Nurgling hoard! Here they come. I am going to be painting up the white cylinder up to be like a little platform they use in the circus. These are great little monsters!

Plague Bearer now with big claws!

I am trying to tie the models together with their basing. It will mostly be dirt with some wood planking that will tie into the plague cart. Big thanks to CB for the pair of horses to start that cart off with. Later.


CB said...

Totally sweet man. Those guys are looking super nice.

Op-For said...

Great Job Skywatcher! You've been providing some quality content for the blog. The conversions you've been doing are fantastic.
Also, the new header art: "So say we.... yeah..."

Spooktalker said...

Excellent! Always a soft spot in my heard for my old friend the Lord of Flies. Love the customizations and top marks on the slick and comprehensive presentation.