Friday, April 1, 2011

Axles & Alloys 2 at KublaCon

I am running a demo game of the Axles & Alloys 2 game at KublaCon.

Sunday, May 29
@ KublaCon, Burlingame, CA
10:00 AM and last 6 hours
For up to 6 people

Some come and try it out.

Come focus your pent up road rage in our radioactive desert landscape. Axles & Alloys 2 is fast paced and easy to learn car combat miniatures game. Rules are free online at, and are a homebrew adaptation of Full Thrust cars rather than Spacecraft. Quick to learn (fit on 1 page) and they don’t take themselves too seriously, and are designed for jumping in and playing.

Custom modified hotwheels/matchbox car miniatures will be provided to play with. Players need only bring D6 dice, and a measuring tape!

This will be both my first con to attend and first game to demo. Drop a note below if you have any ideas on scenarios or tips for running the game.


CB said...

Sweet! This will be a good game to demo. Just keep things moving quickly, which won't be too hard with this game and maybe let people respawn once they explode?

I'd do 1 - 2 hour sessions and just run 3 of them.

Sounds cool!

Spooktalker said...

I didn't know you were up to this project and when you broke them out at Kublacon I was incredibly impressed and then equally bummed I didn't get to play. I don't think I passed that along at the time, but I might have mentioned I have bunch of dark futures figs and hotwheels stashed in the depths of my horde. It hasn't been on my radar the last few years but maybe that will change. First I saw what Sean Patten over at Necromundicon did recently, and now your stuff. At the very least I'd be down for a game some time!

skywatcher said...

Thanks ST. The A&A ruleset is fast and easy to learn. I'll bring them along next time there's a larger gathering. It would be great to see your dark future dudes.