Sunday, January 23, 2011

Water basing!

So I thought I'd make my own little guide to making water base for your miniatures!
Here's what you'll need:Hobby mat
sharp hobby knife
Water Effects (you can get this at hobby town or even better at Micheal's)
Your base (this only works with the lipped bases)
Plastic card
cork board
paint for the bottom of the base.

Step 1: This is by far the hardest step. Use your hobby knife to cut the middle out of your base leaving nothing but the raised ring. When you are done it should look like this (you also might need to use a file on the inside to make it smooth.)

Step 2: Trace around the ring on to your plastic card and carefully sheer it out. You can try using a knife but the best success I've had is with great big metal sheers!

Step 3: Now that you've got your ring and the plastic card cut, you are going to attach the two with hobby glue. Make sure that you inspect your work after for any gaps and fill them or later on there will be trouble. When you are done this is what you should be looking at.

Step 4: Now you need to cut some cork board to fill it in the middle of your base for your model to stand on.

Step 5: Paint your base! like like to use Catachan gree and camo green.

Step 6: after this is dried add your water effects with a little Thraka green wash to liven the water up. let it dry over night and then add some more depending on how much it shrank.

Step 7: Add any flocking you might want, then bingo bango bongo you have a base for your amphibious miniature!

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skywatcher said...

Very nice guide. Haven't tried water effects yet. It would be handy to see which water effects product you used.

BTW: Are those car minis for Warlands on your desk?