Sunday, January 23, 2011

Water basing!

So I thought I'd make my own little guide to making water base for your miniatures!
Here's what you'll need:Hobby mat
sharp hobby knife
Water Effects (you can get this at hobby town or even better at Micheal's)
Your base (this only works with the lipped bases)
Plastic card
cork board
paint for the bottom of the base.

Step 1: This is by far the hardest step. Use your hobby knife to cut the middle out of your base leaving nothing but the raised ring. When you are done it should look like this (you also might need to use a file on the inside to make it smooth.)

Step 2: Trace around the ring on to your plastic card and carefully sheer it out. You can try using a knife but the best success I've had is with great big metal sheers!

Step 3: Now that you've got your ring and the plastic card cut, you are going to attach the two with hobby glue. Make sure that you inspect your work after for any gaps and fill them or later on there will be trouble. When you are done this is what you should be looking at.

Step 4: Now you need to cut some cork board to fill it in the middle of your base for your model to stand on.

Step 5: Paint your base! like like to use Catachan gree and camo green.

Step 6: after this is dried add your water effects with a little Thraka green wash to liven the water up. let it dry over night and then add some more depending on how much it shrank.

Step 7: Add any flocking you might want, then bingo bango bongo you have a base for your amphibious miniature!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hobby Force: Warmachine Menoth Templar

I had a spare Menoth Crusader warjack around and thought I would mod one up to make the Templar. I wanted it to visually look like the Templar but be different enough to be my own.

Here is a WIP photo. Shield and blazing star are made from plastic card. Chain is a unique square jewelry chain that I found that was strong looking. I took the Crusader's head and chopped the head from the "jaw", then reversed the jaw so it pointed down instead of up. Gave it a similar but different look. Had to chop it's left leg so it could stand upon the rock on the base (cork). The blazing star is positioned just above the jack's right shoulder. I have a small pin that I mounted into the shoulder that sticks straight out about half inch, which the blazing star is glued to. The angle of the star's points help obcure it from view.

Paint scheme matches my dark theme that I am running with my force. Used plenty of washes to darken and grunge up the look. I wanted it to look warn and used. I tried some black smoke pigment on the smoke stacks to give it a burnt look.

Monday, January 10, 2011

For The Glory Of The Emperor

This week I watched Ultramarines: The Movie. The low down is that it is a 70 min animated movie set in the Warhammer 40k universe, and more specifically, tailored for existing 40k fans. While my knowledge of the 40k universe/history is very limited it did feel that it was well adapted from the IP. And having an understanding of the universe will help alot since there is virtually no explanation on who or what these guys are doing, besides "For the glory of the Emperor". I'm sure hardcore fans will be able to find flaws and inconsistencies and will ruthlessly point them out. Animation quality is on par with video game cut scenes, don't expect an Avatar level here. Sound and music help set the atmosphere nicely. I read some comments others thought the animation didn't portray the weight and size of the marines armor well. I noticed that in a few scenes when jumping or running was involved. I'm sure if budget's increase or more films are made that will be addressed.

The story line covers a mission taken on by a small 10 man squad of Ultramarines investigating a distress signal they receive from a distant Imperial Fist outpost guarding an important Imperial shrine. The squad is comprised of novice marines led by their veteran counterparts. As the squad shuttles planet side, you get a glimpse as the enormous scale of their ship. I don't want to leak the plot, but needless to say, they run into some resistance once they get exploring. Plenty of bolt guns fired, gory chainsword action and even the powerful Thunder Hammer.

Story arch is fairly simple and straight forward, no real surprises. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to sci-fi fans and of course 40k players. I look forward to future features by GW.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reading material!

So I recently started listening to a few audio books that Russ from the D6G recommended in preparation for me starting my Dystopian Wars Prussian army! The first is called Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld. The basic premise is that WW1 has started, with the same alliances, but different technologies. The Germans and their allies employ giant mechanical walkers with giant guns and rockets. These guys are called the Clankers. On the other side you have the Anglo-Russian alliance who have developed a way to alter genetic code of animals to create giant living weapons. One example is the Leviathan, a giant wale genetically altered to have a giant Hydrogen air bladder which it produces in its intestinal track, and its fitted with air guns, engines, and a variety of biological weapons(like flichet bats!)

What are you all reading lately? Anything good?! Is anyone interested in listening to Leviathan??


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We be rollin'

"It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."

Last year I caught sight of a number of tabletop miniature car combat & racing games that seem to be developing. It seems to be slowing growing genre (or at least I recently discovered it). The whole concept seemed really cool to me since it was a nice blend of different interests: fast cars, post apocalyptic, modeling, re-enacting movie scenes and general automotive mayhem.

A couple visits to the local flea market, Toys R Them and an order of goodies online led to the following...


Van driven by Armitage
Starting off with the big van with mounted gattling gun. This model dominated the first games we played. Gun was modeled using an bit off a PC sound card with drinking straws for the barrels. Plastic from cut up credit cards used to make the front ram plates and side armor. The textured armor is from one of those plastic straps they wrap heavy boxes in. Had a nice texture so I kept it.

Ferrari driven by Magnum
Modeled with turret mounted gun on top and a smokescreen port on the back. Like many of the cars I used window screen to model the medal cage in the windows. Drill out the mounts on the bottom and glue the screen on the underside of the windows. Then assemble. Side armor is a zip tie. Gun on top is from a 6mm miniature model.

Triton Pickup driven by Montoya
This is our flame throwing pickup. Front mounted flame thrower is a piece of drip system. Braded hose is a jewelery chain and fuel tanks are small capacitors off from a scrap PC. Back bumper is a zip tie. Painted red with plenty of washed of Dabab Black and Devlan Mud.

Midnight Otto driven by Gilgamesh
Top mounted gun is a 6mm cannon from a sci-fi range (can't think of the name). Rear armor plate is plastic from an old VHS tape (some cool textures on those btw) and the window armor is a vent from a scrapped laptop. Wheels are covered by plastic that I hole punched and glued on.

1932 Ford driven by Black Skull (Green)
Pretty easy mod. Just two GW Orc guns mounted on either side.

Track T Rod driven by The Cooler (Pink)
Drip system piece is the central gun ajoined to a PC part again.

Hooligan driven by Zoombie (Orange)
Guns made from different diameter tubing/straws glued together.

Mustang Mach I driven by Acid Burn
My favorite model so far. Has a double cannon turret on top (two sprinkler drip system pieces again) Front drills are off a 6mm vehicle.

Model on the Workbench
More cars, a semi truck (to add a huge vehicle), motorcycle gang and individual models for some roadkill action! The motorcycle and models are from Stan Johansen Miniatures. Mounted on plastic card.


I have since played a number of games ranging from 2 to 6 players using the Axles and Alloys II game rules. It is a completely free game rules system I found online and offers PDF rules and player sheets. Don't expect a deep campaign game system here. It's goal from the start was to be a quick and light game that can be quickly picked up and played. And from those who have played it with me it seemed to succeed very well in that. I have found a few weak points, but overall it's a kick.


I editted the format of the games player record sheets and have uploaded them along with game tokens of the main effects/weapons used. Feel free to download and share. Linking back to if you re-post to the web would be awesome.

Download player sheet & tokens: Click Here


1. Axles and Alloys II - website
Free rules system adaptation from the Full Thrust game. Fun, light and full of wacky hijinks.

2. Warlands - website
Pay to Play. A developing game system and model company.

3. Stan Johansen Miniatures - website
An awesome resource of 20mm scaled medal car weapon packs, motorcycle gang, and models.

4. Road Wolf - website
Free rules system. Be sure to check out their vehicles page to see skillfully crafted cars. Haven't played it yet.

5. Speed Rally - website
They sell a PDF rules system. Lighter game with movement based on squares along a track you print out and build. They also just made a TRON themed bike game. Haven't played either yet.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Gentlemen Start Your BATTLE Engines

Privateer Press just begun to unveil their rumor happy Battle Engines models for the upcoming Wrath book. Built of Resin and mounted 120mm bases these models are the biggest player pieces yet for Warmachine. It will be interesting to see how game rules play out. And how will this balance out against Hordes? Or will Hordes be getting their own giants or mega beasts?

First one out to the showroom floor is the Khador Gun Carriage:

Around other models (jacks included) we see how big they are.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: The year of Op-For

I have never been a fan of resolutions. While losing weight, quitting smoking or being nicer to people are all noble pursuits, the focus is on improving ones self. Due to the infallibility granted to me as Shadowy Supreme Overlord of Op-For (and a fair bit due to spellcheck) there is no need for me to improve. Indeed, as members of Op-For, you all are bastions of Hobby Gamer ideal. However, I think goal setting is something we can all do.
My gaming goals for 2011:
1)Finish painting all my Necromunda gangs (Eschers, Ratskins, Spyrers, Scavvies, and Pit Slaves).
2)Finish building and painting my Cygnar army.
3)Finish AA's Goliath gang before his next birthday.
4)Paint a gold medal worthy entry for the Kublacon painting contest.

Feel free to list your own goals in the comments below.