Thursday, July 1, 2010

Infinity and last game night!

I'm just going to transpose the battle rep I wrote on TGN you can find the original here

here's what the roasters looked like:

CB's Yu jing

Shang Ji Lt.
Celestial Guard Hacker
Tiger Soldier w/ HMG
Husong REM - Total Reaction HMG
Keisotsu Butai w/ combi rifle x 2

A^2's Haqq

Hassassin Lasiqs: Viral Sniper Rifle
Hassassin Fiday: Rifle, Light Shotgun, AP Mines
Daylami: Panzerfaust
Daylami: Rifle
Hassassin Muyib (LINK): Minelayer Rifle, Light Shotgun, D.E.P., Viral Mines
Hassassin Ragik: Lieutenant

So I (A^2) won the roll off for sides and chose the side with the 3 story building for sniping, but made him set stuff out first.

I than won the roll to go first :D

My first turn saw a Daylami with Rifle bust out of camo and waste a Husong REM, only after the Daylami with the panzerfaust managed to miss the same remote and subsequently get gunned down! It also saw my Lasiqs fail to kill a tiger solider with two orders! My last two orders were spent on the fiday moving up and stabbing a Keisotsu Butai through the heart! so we are both down two guys at this point since both my Daylami's are now pushing up the daisies thanks to ARO's.

on CB's first turn he dropped in his drop trooper, and gunned down my poor Lasiqs. He then did some maneuvering which included bringing up his Tiger soilder to try and get a bead on my Fiday and moving the hacker (who is in the same building as my fiday) further away from the action.

My second turn. thanks to Religious Troops, everyone is fine and gets to move! The Ragik use's his Lieutenant move to come up behind the drop trooper and blast his head off with a well placed shotgun burst. The fiday activated and tosses a smoke grenade to cover his assault of the hacker from the Tiger. Once he gets into CC the hacker evaporates and the rest of CB's troops have had enough!

It sounded like Sky and MP had a good game of Warmachine! Hope to see more of you Sky, especially if you are going to be kicking Mario's butt all the time!


MIK said...

Infinity is one of those games I want to get into, but just can't commit...

A^2 said...

its pretty rad. i think we all love the squad base games and this one has a lot going for it. it does need scenarios and a campaign system to make it better, but I am sure that is in the future.