Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blood Bowl Update - Week 3

Ok, so I missed a week but here's a report:

Last week Greg's dwarves burst onto the scene, and beat the pro elves 2-1?

Anthony's Wood Elf Lumberjacks beat the Doom Hammers in a narrow 2-1 victory, with one of the wardancers missing next week's game do to repeated hobgoblin groin kickings.

Lumberjacks 2-0
Doom Hammers 1-1
Amazons 1-1
Dwarves 1-0
Pro Elves 0-2

This week the Lumberjacks continued their winning streak winning 3-0 over the pro elves in a furious game of Elf Ball. It's rumored that the pro elves are being demoted to a "farm league" and a lustrian expansion team may be joining the league.

The Amazons were able to out-muscle the dwarves in a 2-1 victory.

Lumberjacks 3-0
Amazons 2-1
Doomhammers 1-1
Dwarves 1-1
Pro Elves 0-3

The league will be running 10 games, with each team being required to play each other team 2 times, with the play-offs to follow.

Warmachine/Hordes was also on deck with a Cygnar Haley army smashing a test Skorne force (chain lightning, holy crap!), and Mario and Anthony squabblin' like old turkeys in a Searforge vs. Menoth match up. Sounded fun.

Next week....maybe on hold due to Kubla Kon. More information to follow.

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