Sunday, May 9, 2010

BB round duex!

So tonight saw an early start to round 2, with Nurgles Rotters squaring up with the fearless vixens from Amazona!

The fans were far better behaved for the teams today with no one getting hit by rocks and no rots breaking out. That's not to say there wasn't an abundance of bloodshed, however with each team racking up a kill!

The first half saw the Amazons kicking off the ball, and subsequently stripping it from the Rotters. After recovering the ball the Amazons played it smart and ran down the clock before scoring! The beastmen just couldn't stay on the field this half, and the effects we quite evident to the poor Rotters!

The second half went much the same way, with the Amazons scoring another TD and generally running laps around the Rotters!

Final Score: Amazons: 2 Rotters: 0

This loss, and the death of one of the Chaos warriors firmly puts the rotters out of contention for the BloodBowl cup. the fans were so upset by their lackluster performance that they paid a group of Sigmar priests to banish these daemons back to their realm! A new team will be entering the competition in a week under Deamon's coaching.

It was a fun game to watch! Later on this week we have Anthony's Lumberjack's VS. CB's Chaos Dwarfs battling it out for first place.

that's all for now sports fans, see you mid week!


CB said...

Ouch, Nurgle's rotters out!!!

Congrats to CR and the Amazons.


skywatcher said...

Sounds like an entertaining game for the spectators. Any luck on getting some pictures of the participating teams?

CB said...

That could be arranged! I'll try to take some pics tonight.


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