Monday, May 31, 2010

Convention Safari

In case of emergency: Get in character.

Class synergy, Leather Mage and Half-giant Fighter are a deadly combo.

Historical wargames: miniatures provided, beards required.

Boonie hat: check. Digital camo: check. Velcro shoes: check. Status: Mission Ready.

Dude, Kilt Day was yesterday, but top hats are forever.

Sorta Steampunk and Anime-ish, two great looks that look great together!

This bunch solved the mystery of the Haunted Play-Doh Fun Factory.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

"This is like Christmas, my first BMX bike and meeting the cast of Firefly all rolled into one!"

First post from KublaCon 2010. DD and I got in some games of Blood Bowl last night, my Chaos team was on a murderous rampage, plus they scored a few TDs as well.
CR, DD and AA are playing Warmachine as you read this, and Spooktalker has some excellent entries in the painting contest that you can vote on! Click the link:
Joel from the Doomed Legion (Op-For's co-belligerents) is running an awesome game with boats!

More to come!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

That's alot of Cygnar and mercs.....


Took some pictures a few weeks back, looks cool, but that's alot of crap!

Blood Bowl Update - Week 3

Ok, so I missed a week but here's a report:

Last week Greg's dwarves burst onto the scene, and beat the pro elves 2-1?

Anthony's Wood Elf Lumberjacks beat the Doom Hammers in a narrow 2-1 victory, with one of the wardancers missing next week's game do to repeated hobgoblin groin kickings.

Lumberjacks 2-0
Doom Hammers 1-1
Amazons 1-1
Dwarves 1-0
Pro Elves 0-2

This week the Lumberjacks continued their winning streak winning 3-0 over the pro elves in a furious game of Elf Ball. It's rumored that the pro elves are being demoted to a "farm league" and a lustrian expansion team may be joining the league.

The Amazons were able to out-muscle the dwarves in a 2-1 victory.

Lumberjacks 3-0
Amazons 2-1
Doomhammers 1-1
Dwarves 1-1
Pro Elves 0-3

The league will be running 10 games, with each team being required to play each other team 2 times, with the play-offs to follow.

Warmachine/Hordes was also on deck with a Cygnar Haley army smashing a test Skorne force (chain lightning, holy crap!), and Mario and Anthony squabblin' like old turkeys in a Searforge vs. Menoth match up. Sounded fun.

Next week....maybe on hold due to Kubla Kon. More information to follow.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

And as they rowed, Thorfinn sang an old song which they all knew:

Makers of widows, wander we must;
Killers 'tween seedtime and salting of kine;
Walking the Whale's Way, sailing the Swan's Path,
Daring the Sun's Track, tricking dark death!
In the jaws of the storm, jesting we stand,
Lashed with hail's fury, hand frozen to line;
Numb head rain-shaken, sharp spume in the nostril,
Salt caking hair—and blood's haven in sight!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

BB round duex!

So tonight saw an early start to round 2, with Nurgles Rotters squaring up with the fearless vixens from Amazona!

The fans were far better behaved for the teams today with no one getting hit by rocks and no rots breaking out. That's not to say there wasn't an abundance of bloodshed, however with each team racking up a kill!

The first half saw the Amazons kicking off the ball, and subsequently stripping it from the Rotters. After recovering the ball the Amazons played it smart and ran down the clock before scoring! The beastmen just couldn't stay on the field this half, and the effects we quite evident to the poor Rotters!

The second half went much the same way, with the Amazons scoring another TD and generally running laps around the Rotters!

Final Score: Amazons: 2 Rotters: 0

This loss, and the death of one of the Chaos warriors firmly puts the rotters out of contention for the BloodBowl cup. the fans were so upset by their lackluster performance that they paid a group of Sigmar priests to banish these daemons back to their realm! A new team will be entering the competition in a week under Deamon's coaching.

It was a fun game to watch! Later on this week we have Anthony's Lumberjack's VS. CB's Chaos Dwarfs battling it out for first place.

that's all for now sports fans, see you mid week!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Round One Blood Bowl Standings

Ok sports fans had some blood bowl matches last night and here are the results:

The Doom Hammers (Chaos Dwarf) 1-0 over Nurgle's Rotters:

This game was a tooth and nail slug fest with 80% of the teams in a giant scrum for much of the match. The Doom Hammer's were able to get a break away touchdown with a hand off to the Chaos Centaur "Khaaaan!"-tm, who was able to sprint into the endzone.

Khaaaan! skilled up with Block, and the hobgob, Hobjo Sluglick went out with a busted kneecap and will miss the next game and suffered -1 MV.

Fruit Elves 3-0 over Amazons:

The fans were hatin' on the 'zons and put 2 off of the pitch with throw bloodwizer bottles. This game was a smashfest with many players getting crowd-surfed, bashed, and beat-up. The WE speed allowed them to get the ball into the inzone consistently. One elf died and I think the 'zons come back with a full roster next week.

The wood elves had 3 players advance with a wardancer going up to STR 4....scary man, scary....

matches for next week, I think, is this right Damon?:

Doom Hammers vs. Fruit Loops

Nurgle vs. Amazons

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch."

There are only four more days to vote on how brutal the Thunder in the Underhive game should be. Do you want the deviant scum armed with nerf larper guns or macro cannons and orbital death lasers? Do you want to slip into curly elf shoes and traipse through the gumdrop forest, or do you want to put your faith in the Emperor as you wade into the seething, bloody horde? Who do you want to illustrate the battle report, Thomas Kincade or Frank Frazetta?
The Authorities command you to vote!