Friday, April 16, 2010

Post Apocalyptic Car Battles

What do you get when you cross the old game "Car Wars", Mad Max, customized Matchbox cars and a post apocalyptic setting with a modern rule set? Aberrant Games' Warlands.

Aberrant Games is producing two gaming systems and accompanying models. Rezolution and Warlands. Both are 20-28mm scale miniature games set in the far bleak future of a post apocalyptic world. The car game system is the most interesting to me. Having fond memories of playing Car Wars in my youth, it would be great to play a modern version. There is an active community on their forum who discuss the game rules and share the mashed-up customize cars, often using Matchbox cars which are perfectly scaled and offer a huge line to work from. Check out the Painting and Terrain section for some fun. The rule set is available for purchase as a PDF at WarGame Vault for $9.99. With a full rule book being released later in the year. They are currently starting a round of beta testing.

Here is their starter box set. But they also sell a weapons pack. Which can be added to painted up Matchbox cars for a more unique and custom gang.

Here is a video demo from GenCon 2009.



MIK said...

Got a couple of batreps here:

Very fun game, we don't play it nearly enough around these parts. Nice writeup you've got here!

CB said...

Sounds cool. I can raid Cole's matchbox tub if you guys want to try it out.

Op-For said...

Are we going to play this? Actually, how soon are we going to play this? We have desert wasteland terrain and now that A^A has seen Road Warrior, we all have the desire to feel the wind in our mohawks and pick bits of our enemies out of our teeth while searching the desolation for more of the juice.

CB said...

If someone gets a copy of the rulebook I'll provide some cars. Need a feral child model with kung fu action razor-rang though. Maybe CR can sculpt one.

Jeson Devid said...

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