Thursday, March 18, 2010

I like it when she calls me Big Kubla.

I hope everybody is as excited as I am for KublaCon!! I think this year will be outstanding, I can feel it. 10 years, bam!
I submitted an event proposal for a Necromunda event called Thunder in the Underhive. If you were at the Purge scenario we ran for Firebase, it will be similar, but with new terrain and more 'orrible gribblies.
If you are a club member, you will be pleased to know we have a club room (appropriate) on the exclusive 9th floor. Complimentary food and better views, additionally magical wards and runes built in to the room will boost your max HP and make you seem more attractive to villagers. It will cost a bit more, $15-20 depending on how many Owlbears we bring, but it should be worth it. Gino said it was, and I trust him as long as he isn't driving. He also said the continental breakfast includes honeydew and the milk of paradise.
We should also be getting the group rate this year, hopefully with fewer hassles than last. That savings ought to cover the higher room rate.

Enough nerdlery for now,


CB said...

Ahhhh, the blog lives! I'm fired up, should be a good time.

skywatcher said...

Excellent. First con, here I come.

A^2 said...

I'm so ready for this!

Johanna Ross said...

I love Owlbears! Throw in an Eames chair and I am so jealous!