Thursday, September 24, 2009

Terrain Workshop

Does anyone want to work on terrain in the coming weeks? I've been inspired to make some Warmaster terrain by reworking some Epic scale buildings and making some low hills and rock outcroppings. I want it reflect some of Zdzislaw Beksinski's paintings.

I'm thinking concrete patch, chicken bones, plastic skeletons, berry baskets, toothpicks, polished stones and lots of glue soaked tissue paper.
Google his name and let me know if you have any ideas. Spooktalker, I'll be looking for input from you especially.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Game Night Report 9-16-09

Ok guys this is coming a little late, but it's been busy so here we go...

Played some Hordes/Warmachine over at Op-For south.

Game 1: Mark II epic Nemo vs. epic Goreshade (the cursed not the bastard!)

I really dig Nemo's style, he has this Einstein, Tesla, Col. Sanders thing going on that is pretty cool and I like how he runs jacks, and has some extra lightning tricks up his sleeve. It helps that his epic model is pretty great as well (definately an improvement over the original model):

Here are the lists (25 points mk. II):

Stormblades + UA
Storm smithsx3
Arlen Strangeways

Bane Lord Tartarus
Bane Thralls

Ya looks like a good match up with some pound it out melee oriented forces.

Nemo and crew head up the field going after those nasty Cryx guys hiding out in some potato farmer's homestead.

Deathjack's hidiing behind a wall ready to pounce.

The Stormsmith and stormblades are pretty dope in Mark II. The point values make a lot of sense now and they hit hard like the elite of Cygnar should.

25 point games are also really cool in Mark II. The new edition is faster anyway and the streamlining allows a game of this size to be played in about 1 hour, while still allowing you to take a little bit of a varied force.
There's some maneuvering around and Nemo sets up a charge on the Cryxians. Nemo is able to scoot his jacks forward with Energizer allowing the Stormclad to charge Deathjack, scrap it, and kill the Skarloc with electro leaps. The Lancer engages Tartarus, and the Stormblades assault the Seether damaging it with lightning blasts.

Here's the set up before the last turn. Stormclad gets a charge off on Tartarus, kills him, get's Goreshade down to 2 points with the reach on his Generator Blade and a storm smith zzaps him for the last two.
Anthony and I then played another quick Mark I game, Leo and Trevor played a big grinding attrition game, and we did some Star Wars Epic Duels:
More pics here (maybe other guys want to do reports, knock yourself out, blogger is testing my patience).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outer Planes night

So a fun time was had by all tonight at Outer Planes. Chris, Johnny, Mario, and myself partook in a 1000 point brawl, and it pains me to say that with what we got finished with, the Trollbloods and the Cygnar totally owned team Everblight! To much lasting power was ust to much for our glass cannons.

Greg also was there, and enjoyed playing his old Iron Warriors list with Joe (the guy with the Tyrinids I played a few weeks back). In a bloodly match up the Choas and their WS 8 monstrous creature reigned supreme!

We also talked about maybe running a game or two over at CB's house on Wednesday night, depending on if he could swing another night of gaming or not. More to come on that later, check your emails tomorrow for a status update!

Maybe we will get lucky and CR will get a chance to play on Wed! we missed you and Trev tonight buddy!

Well thats all for this installment,!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

New gaming Idea

So we were brainstorming last night and Clark came up with a good idea that I think he should pitch. It revolved around scouting missions played with Mordhiem rules, minor battles played with fantasy rules, and mar battles with played with warmaster rules. or somethin to that effect... CR can pitch it better then I can

Updated Board Game List

OK, I've had some new additions on the boardgame front, and in preparation for October the month of the boardgame here's the updated list:

Board Games:
Age of Mythology
Runebound + Expansions
Lord of the Rings Risk
Twilight Struggle
Star Wars: Epic Duels
Pirates of the Caribbean Life
Arkham Horror and Dark Pharoh Expansion
Ticket to Ride

Card Games:
Settlers of Catan 2 player card version
Infernal Contraption
Legend of the 5 Rings (5-6 decks)

I think we should start the month with Pirates of the Caribean Life! Yaargh! (uh, ok maybe not...)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Photographed the Asgard Orcs Range

Take a look at some of my favorite figs.

A few years ago I came across some pics of Asgard's orcs and pieced together these were the same figs seen painted by John Blanche in the book Ratspike.

I learned the range was still available from Viking Forge: and I ordered a full set of the figs. It was a bizarre experience as the owner doesn't even offer an email address. I wrote him a letter to see if he indeed was selling the figs, and then sent him a check. A good guy though. When I ordered (1995) he still had lead stock of some figs, while others were being cast in pewter. The lead casts are better quality, and there a few of the pewter figs had trouble spots.

The sculpts are by Jess Goodwin early in his career. They are much too small to be orcs, but I knew this before I bought them. I'm not sure why they are sold as orcs, but they are fantastic as goblins. Some of my favorite figures of all, especially the shaman holding out a beating heart.

Anyway, I thought I'd make up for Viking Forge's dismal (anti)marketing by showing off the range. I uploaded larger pics individually on the Lost Minis Wiki here: There is also a size comparison shot there.

Oh, and this is a copy of a thread I started on Frothers Unite UK:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pac Con

26 Showed up to the Iron Bolter Tournament at Pac Con in Santa Clara. I went representing OP-4 with the Sisters of battle and ended up placing 2nd.

In addition to this i met some really cool guys that live down that direction that might be interested in coming up and hanging with us and/or playing some 40k/fantasy/anything awesome. They were particularly interested in our painting styles and terrain building.

The Flea market was kind of a bust... There was that one guy there that showed up to he OP-4 Kubla event and tried to show Ryder that game he put together.. the guy that was real pushy and stuff... he was ripping people off on Terrain, I lol'd to myself. i did manage to pick up an entire Warmaster Army on the cheap, so if anyone wants a game of that I'm totally interested!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Calling for your Support

I am calling for your voting support of a contest that I am entered in. Community votes the winner, which gets their likeness sculpted into a miniature that will be cast in metal. Which is awesome, right! So go vote.. and it would be great to jump in my corner. Voting ends Sept 30.

Just go to From the Knife's Edge blog, register and vote for "The Power" into the comments to support me. Thanks all.

Click here to vote

My entry of me floating (thank you photoshop). Which I am sure would make a cool mini.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A^2 Workbench

had some time yesterday to work on ESeverius. Let me know what you think, its a pretty crappy pic from this camera, I donno why its so blury.

I think I've finally graduated from Juve to ganger!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shirts updates.

Just wanted to show you what Trevor and I have been working on (mostly Trevor!). here are the pics we have so far and some of the things we've been bouncing around.

What we know for sure is that we want black shirts. We also are leaning heavily toward a camo style font, at least for the OP-4 Part. I think we should have separate names on the back of everyones shirts, but I donno if thats just me or what, so I'd like some input on that.

I liked this one for Trevor :D

this ones for Chris lol!

i was thinking about this one for our logo with OP-4 In his mouth.

CBs Terrain Board Ideas

So I started working on some terrain stuff last night and figured I should come up with a master plan (TM) for the new board I'd like to build. I have a bunch of middle european type terrain stuff floating around (timbered cottages, highland huts, warhammer chapel and watchtower, greenish hills, etc), and want to put together a relatively generic 4x6 board for wargaming with an emphasis on Warhammer and Warmachine, so the European look should work pretty well.
I'd like to add some visual interest to the base board and then have a lot of moveable terrain, so I'd like to avoid fixed terrain features that couldn't just count as open terrain in most games.
I've come up with the following plan so far and feedback would be awesome!

Very minor elevation change would be added to the board by adding a thin layer of foamcore to the top of the 2" 4x6 pink foam board. This would just add some visual interest to the surface without counting as elevation change. The stream would be very small, and could be ignored as a water feature depending on what players prefer. Bridges could also be added span the little stream.

The road would be the major feature and would get a different color treatment and maybe some sort of other texture treatment. The main board will be hit with sand, so I'm thinking concrete patch or joint compound for the road. Any feedback on the layout would be cool as well.

Here are some examples the look I'm going for: