Saturday, January 31, 2009

Have it your way!

DD had the idea of having a month of pick and mix gaming. Everyone could pick a new game and find a new opponent each week. Also there is some chatter about finding a 6th player. Lets coordinate our plans so we don't end up lopsided again with 7!
If you want to have a smorgasbord-salad-bar-buffet of gaming for March just vote for "Other."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mordheim - Jan 8th

An intense game of gold keep-away was played.

The board setup...

Big sharp teeth didn't do much good against a few well directed arrows.

Gotta grab the gold before the undead hordes roll in...

It's in the foam

We've all heard of FDR's "New Deal", and maybe Obama's version. But here is the "New Deal" for army transporting. Check it out, custom built foam cases... behold the crazy awesomeness.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chip the glasses, crack the plates...

The Grudgebearers
- Lootin' and Pillagin' in the ruins of Mordheim.

Need a halfling/hobbit burglar/scout and my evil plan is complete!

"Use your scanners.."

"What is that stuff?"
"It looks like some sort of expanded foam."
"Yeah, but expanded from what?"

"Nobody touch nothin'."

The Nerdiest thing I've ever seen.

I once saw a small white guy in a kimono state (in a bellowing banzai samurai voice) that he was the Vampire Shogun of Sacramento. I've also seen a Dark Eldar army based on Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan. Unfortunately I think this takes the cake:

I wonder if it comes in Fufu berry.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Report

Well in a spectacular display of unproductiveness I didn't really get much gaming, painting, or modeling in over my holiday vacation. I'd planned on painting up a new Mordheim warband, finishing off some Cygnar models, getting some mad gaming in, and painting some mordheim terrain and texturing a 4x4 game board.

Here's a tally of holiday vacation nerd activity:

  • Played 2-3 games of 'Ticket to Ride' in Arizona.
  • Checked out a pimped out game shop called Empire Games in Arizona.
  • Andrew and I played a game of Hordes at afore mentioned Nerd Sanctuary (Balder mauled Grissel and her trolls).
  • Santa Nerd game loot: Jeremiah Kraye (cygnar warcaster), Ingenious (boardgame) - later found missing pieces and used return $$ to pick up Tannhauser online. Nerdy movies - Batman Begins, Ironman, Curse of the Golden Flower.
  • Slapped a little more paint on Epic Nemo and Capt. Strangeways models.
  • Assembled and primed dwarf warband for Mordheim
  • Failed attempt at texturing game board. Picked up Tuscan Plaster 'oops' textured paint from home depot. Looked cool going on, now looks like salt wastes, Mono Lake ecological disaster. Cool cracked earth effect, will either scrape and just sand and flock this board or remove pieces that are cracking off and turn into a cool badlands/desert board.
  • Game of warmachine/hordes against Andrew. Circle one again, Krueger beat down Darius.

Anyone else get any nerd loot or get their game on this vacation?