Friday, December 4, 2009

Hordes MK2 testing

I'd like everyone to make a comment as they get a chance to test the new MK2 stuff for hordes. I know that only CB Spook and myself have horde army's but you other guys can tell us what its like playin against us.

So we had our first run at MK2 this last week. The game seemed very streamlined, easy to understand, and not at all time consuming. We blasted through a 25 point game in about 45 min. I noticed that a few of the warbeast stats have been changed to reflect a more balanced approach to the game.

I have to say that the "reindeer dudes" are doom incarnate. Fast cav, high rat, weapon master for both the claymore and bow. Pretty neeto bandeto. Their maneuverability and damage potential make them a worthy addition to any legion list. Searyn was just as nasty as she was in MK1, no real changes in fact. I didn't notice anything particularly different about any of my warbeasts other than the nerf to flight, which lets face it needed to be done!

All in all I had a good time, lets see what CB has to say about his Trolls!


Op-For said...

Nerfing Flight (and using Slipstream correctly) are the only changes I need to hear about.

A^2 said...

yeah yeah yeah as cheese as you think those lists were just be happy I didn't fly into your face with Searyn and 2 Angelious and wreck your warcaster! I may be cheesy, but I'm not THAT cheesy! Also I used slip stream incorrectly because that the way Andrew said it worked. You have to remember that was like my second time playing Hordes :P

Op-For said...

Wow, 3 excuses in one paragraph: It was cheesy, but not THAT cheesy. It was Andrew's fault. I only played once before.
Seems like a real man would admit when he was cheesy without the excuses. Take that Apocalypse game in Antioch, Blue team had every conceivable advantage. Our crushing victory was cheesy (not to mention hollow).

p.s. the captcha for this comment is "chessor."

CB said...

Trolls look pretty good in the field test. I'm especially liking the changes to madrak and the axer, but they look like they've got some more tools now. The troll tactic will most likely still be take the first hit and counter-attack.

On the legion side, I think they've been brought down to a pretty good level now. They're good, but easier to handle now. Flight is still good, but reasonable now. The change I like is the changes to the strider UA, no more bazillion shots, they're still a way cool unit, but more skirmishy and slippery now. I bet Saeryn will get hit in the final rules.

Magnus and the mercs should be able smack legion around pretty good now. Mag's himself has a super sweet spell list (got snipe holy crap!) and can upkeep for free, and the new Mangler is hot! I like the new devil dogs too. Cheap and effective (snipe on devil dogs could be rad).