Wednesday, December 30, 2009

are you ready....FOR YOUR DOOM!

Hey ya'll! I hope everyone had a nice x mas and a good break! I just wanted to touch base with you guys, since being in Modesto I don't get a chance to talk to you guys, but I do get a chance to hang out with my family, so its a decent trade off :D.

Some scheduling itinerary type issues I wanted to talk about for the 1st and 2nd.

The night of the first I think the plan is to mostly hang out and maybe do some Rping. CB if you could let us know what time would be good for us to swing by, that would be awesome!

The Second promises to be a great day of gaming, whatever you want to play, there will be space to play it. I know for sure that Clark and Ryder have a Necromunda game they want to get out of the way. Also Damon and Greg are more then likely going to get a game of 40k in. Andrew is coming up from AZ to play some Hordes, and I'd love to get a multiplayer game of WHFB in.

As far as food is concerned I'm not sure what we are going to do about dinner, we'll have to cross that road when we get there (maybe we can all go for pizza or something), but as far as lunch is concerned I'm bringing some hotdogs and some vegetarian meatloaf, which is totally awesome. Ryder is bringing the caffeine and I think some munchies, so that leaves the rest of ya to figure out what you want to bring. As long as the weather cooperates we should be in business.

CB let us know what time we should head over on Saturday, i was thinking 10ish, but if that's to early we can figure something else out. Also can someone give Mario a call and make sure he's informed :)

Looking forward to seeing all my OP4 brothers in one place!

until then,


Monday, December 21, 2009

OP4 Minature Exchange, Update, and New Years Event.

Hey everybody A^2 here with your monthly club update! There are a few things on the menu for this update so bare with me, it might get a touch long!

First things first! For those of you that haven't made it to a club night lately or who i haven't talked to personally we're going to be having a new years type gamin event over at CB's on the 2nd (and maybe on the night of the 1st but we're not sure yet.) Games being played will be Mordhiem, Hordes/warmachine, Fantasy, and perhaps necromunda, not to mention some rad board games. Everyone is welcome, make sure you bring your figs and lets bring in the new year in true gamer style!

lately we've been meeting up at CB's house to partake in our weekly, most of the time we get things started around 87, and as always it's an open invitation, just toss me an email if you need directions or nights!

Our Local gaming store (Outer Planes) has recently really stepped it up! They are ordering fantasy stuff and 40k stuff. I've even seen some new Warmachine stuff! All that being said there is a new fantasy league that is they are setting up. I've volunteered my services to help organize said league. They are starting off relatively small (1500 points) and anyone interested in hearing further in this should either talk to Joe at OP or email directly.

There is also a league that CB and I are thinking about joining that takes place in Ukiah (of all places) once Saturday of the month. This game is a little bit bigger, around 3k points, but the people that are involved are mostly friends to OP and Powers of the North Members (i.e. Greg and Casey).

This brings me to the next topic, Powers of the North 40k monthly event is at an end after 3 years. While said, it also presents our club a unique opportunity to run some cool events out at the vets. Any interest in this? I know for sure Chris and I will be doing some fantasy down there.

At the beginning of the new year I am going to be ordering my club shirt as CB and I will be putting in an appearance at gamescape North to Demo Wyrd miniatures Malifaux game, and I want to show off my pride in my group! Anyone interested in putting in an order as well should give me a call or send me an email, and anyone interested in coming with CB and I to Gamescape for the demo should do the same to find out about dates and driving arrangements!

Lastly, I was wondering if there was any interest in doing a club miniature exchange? We could do either a painted or unpainted custom miniature exchange that would prvide us some fun. If there is any interest in doing something like this I can write out some more specific details.

Well is you've actually read all the stuff up there many thanks, and I hope to see each and everyone of you guys on the Second of January for some fun times!

Many thanks brothers, and my wishes for a fantastic new year!

Sargent at Arms,


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


holy freaking crap want!!!!!!! People from Battlestar to Serenity to The Matrix ZOMG!!

IGN Video: Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Behind the Scenes (Promo) - The Stars of Mass Effect 2

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hordes MK2 testing

I'd like everyone to make a comment as they get a chance to test the new MK2 stuff for hordes. I know that only CB Spook and myself have horde army's but you other guys can tell us what its like playin against us.

So we had our first run at MK2 this last week. The game seemed very streamlined, easy to understand, and not at all time consuming. We blasted through a 25 point game in about 45 min. I noticed that a few of the warbeast stats have been changed to reflect a more balanced approach to the game.

I have to say that the "reindeer dudes" are doom incarnate. Fast cav, high rat, weapon master for both the claymore and bow. Pretty neeto bandeto. Their maneuverability and damage potential make them a worthy addition to any legion list. Searyn was just as nasty as she was in MK1, no real changes in fact. I didn't notice anything particularly different about any of my warbeasts other than the nerf to flight, which lets face it needed to be done!

All in all I had a good time, lets see what CB has to say about his Trolls!