Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gamesday Antioch

So I spoke with my pal over at the GW antioch store today and was able to open negotiations. With CR's concent I lobbied to get OP-4 some new terrian in exchange for GT, A^2, and CR putting in some time helping put it all together. All said and done we are looking to get 2 Bastions, and some wall segmients. I am pushing for 3 bastion, but we will just have to see. He'd like use to handle the set up of the Hiveboard, which I figured we were aptly suited for. I also told him that I'd talk to Chris and see if we could not borrow his desert board and the desrt hills and rocks we've fashioned for part of the event.

The basic layout we are looking at is as follows:

First board is dessert
Second board we're looking at blasted lands and ash waste
next we've got the start of the wall segments
more forified walls and bastions
last two (a total of 2 4x6) is city's of death and Hive city/Necromunda type terrain.

Other then the three of us, is there any interest in helping out? It should prove pretty rad!
we're looking at possible building on the second sunday of Nov and plaing maybe the thrid, the dates are not har and fast, but we will ahve something down tomorrow hopefully, and I will ahve a detailed idagram of the tables to show this week at game night!

Later on,
A^2 out!


Op-For said...

I don't know, seems like a lot of work for $50 bucks worth of terrain. We could buy them ourselves at 20% off and run a bigger event in the garage.

CB said...

You guys are welcome to use the desert board. I can probably help do some terrain building work, but won't be able to make the event.