Saturday, October 10, 2009

A^2 FOW Battle report

So as some of you know it was Rons B day on Friday, and we celebrated by playing a 4x16 game of FOW, (the way it was meant to be played Germans V Americans!!). I ended up in command of a paratroopers divison that specialized in long range bombardments. I had some big 50mm mortars and of course some 75mm Howlizers!

Let me appoligize for being completely lame and not posting pics, the ones I got via Iphone suck! My objective was to take a bridge being guarded by a division of german falsinagers (sp?) which rom what I understand were the regular troops. They also had 4 "turtle tanks" and 6 stugs >.< The first few exchanges were even, but by turn 4 my rolls heated up and I was dropping tanks like flys. All said and done I took my objective by tabling my opponent, and managed to take a couple of stupid King Tigers down as well (they thought they were safe 5 feet away!! SUCKERS!).

Anyways it was a great time full of death and destruction, if anyone is ever interested in seeing the game Ron is always more then happy to loan out a command at his place, on most Friday nights!

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CB said...

Sounds fun man, I'll have to come check it out sometime. FOW looks cool.