Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pac Con

26 Showed up to the Iron Bolter Tournament at Pac Con in Santa Clara. I went representing OP-4 with the Sisters of battle and ended up placing 2nd.

In addition to this i met some really cool guys that live down that direction that might be interested in coming up and hanging with us and/or playing some 40k/fantasy/anything awesome. They were particularly interested in our painting styles and terrain building.

The Flea market was kind of a bust... There was that one guy there that showed up to he OP-4 Kubla event and tried to show Ryder that game he put together.. the guy that was real pushy and stuff... he was ripping people off on Terrain, I lol'd to myself. i did manage to pick up an entire Warmaster Army on the cheap, so if anyone wants a game of that I'm totally interested!!

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