Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outer Planes night

So a fun time was had by all tonight at Outer Planes. Chris, Johnny, Mario, and myself partook in a 1000 point brawl, and it pains me to say that with what we got finished with, the Trollbloods and the Cygnar totally owned team Everblight! To much lasting power was ust to much for our glass cannons.

Greg also was there, and enjoyed playing his old Iron Warriors list with Joe (the guy with the Tyrinids I played a few weeks back). In a bloodly match up the Choas and their WS 8 monstrous creature reigned supreme!

We also talked about maybe running a game or two over at CB's house on Wednesday night, depending on if he could swing another night of gaming or not. More to come on that later, check your emails tomorrow for a status update!

Maybe we will get lucky and CR will get a chance to play on Wed! we missed you and Trev tonight buddy!

Well thats all for this installment,!



CB said...

Hey don't sell yourself short, you guys totally rocked my mechanics!


A^2 said...

LOL on turn one without cheating!!