Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Photographed the Asgard Orcs Range

Take a look at some of my favorite figs.

A few years ago I came across some pics of Asgard's orcs and pieced together these were the same figs seen painted by John Blanche in the book Ratspike.

I learned the range was still available from Viking Forge: and I ordered a full set of the figs. It was a bizarre experience as the owner doesn't even offer an email address. I wrote him a letter to see if he indeed was selling the figs, and then sent him a check. A good guy though. When I ordered (1995) he still had lead stock of some figs, while others were being cast in pewter. The lead casts are better quality, and there a few of the pewter figs had trouble spots.

The sculpts are by Jess Goodwin early in his career. They are much too small to be orcs, but I knew this before I bought them. I'm not sure why they are sold as orcs, but they are fantastic as goblins. Some of my favorite figures of all, especially the shaman holding out a beating heart.

Anyway, I thought I'd make up for Viking Forge's dismal (anti)marketing by showing off the range. I uploaded larger pics individually on the Lost Minis Wiki here: There is also a size comparison shot there.

Oh, and this is a copy of a thread I started on Frothers Unite UK:


CB said...

Dope! Those look really good for old sculpts.

A^2 said...

I think you should hook those up and we can kill them as mighty warriors