Thursday, September 3, 2009

CBs Terrain Board Ideas

So I started working on some terrain stuff last night and figured I should come up with a master plan (TM) for the new board I'd like to build. I have a bunch of middle european type terrain stuff floating around (timbered cottages, highland huts, warhammer chapel and watchtower, greenish hills, etc), and want to put together a relatively generic 4x6 board for wargaming with an emphasis on Warhammer and Warmachine, so the European look should work pretty well.
I'd like to add some visual interest to the base board and then have a lot of moveable terrain, so I'd like to avoid fixed terrain features that couldn't just count as open terrain in most games.
I've come up with the following plan so far and feedback would be awesome!

Very minor elevation change would be added to the board by adding a thin layer of foamcore to the top of the 2" 4x6 pink foam board. This would just add some visual interest to the surface without counting as elevation change. The stream would be very small, and could be ignored as a water feature depending on what players prefer. Bridges could also be added span the little stream.

The road would be the major feature and would get a different color treatment and maybe some sort of other texture treatment. The main board will be hit with sand, so I'm thinking concrete patch or joint compound for the road. Any feedback on the layout would be cool as well.

Here are some examples the look I'm going for:


skywatcher said...

good ideas there. I like the minor elevation change. It adds visual interest over a flat board, without interfering with the rules.

Kingdom Death said...

That's a nice table!