Friday, August 21, 2009

Week One Warmachine Theater of War Campaign.

As previously reported, the Draconic Legions made some headway into Fellig and the Protectorate was able to maintain their blockade on the railroad running between Fisherbrook and Fellig.

Declare your battles! Protectorate gets to attack first, Mercs second.


skywatcher said...

CB: What did we decide for the icons like barracks and boneyards? What options did those give if attacking or defending one of those territories?

CB said...

Let's just ignore them for simplicities sake.

skywatcher said...

The reports of High Executioner Reznik organizing forces North of Fisherbrook have been confirmed. A Exemplar heavy detachment marches towards Thornfall.


The Protectorate attacks Everblight, at the rectangle shaped map north of Fisherbrook with the Barracks in it. They seek to cleanse this cursed land.