Friday, August 21, 2009

Warmachine / Hordes Theater of War Ed.1

War is Hell. As army forces jockey for position and command of their objectives, two battles erupted this week. A warjack heavy Cygnar force lead by Captain Darius moved into Protectorate held land near Fisherbrook. And the Legion of Everblight organized a surgical strike into Mercenary territory dangerously close to Felling.

The Everblight's strike team plunged into battle quickly and efficiently. Magnus the Traitor attempted to defend a small town from the nimble yet fierce force. A scurvy group of Devil Dogs and strong squad of dwarves joined the battle at a price that Magnus skillfully negotiated. They formed a line with skin and metal to meet the approaching wave of Legion forces.

All attempts to stop the Legion's assault were meet with strong resistance. The dwarves quickly questioned their pay and approaching winged beasts. Fear and panic erupted as they started taking casualties. Magnus tried to rally his troops, but in the end was only left with his jacks to defend the town.

The Totem Hunter fearlessly vaults towards the Mangler's swinging mace.


Feora was leading some troop training exercises North of Fisherbrook along the highly contested train line. Scouts reported a small yet powerful Cygnar force approaching. Feora was able to strategically lead her large army to take up key defensive positions before the enemy could advance.

A full Storm Lance unit moves into position. Although they created serious threat to the Menoth army Darius cautiously commanded them to hang back, hoping to maintain control of the open land in the battle.

A triad of heavy warjacks, fronted by the experienced Ol' Rowdy lumbered straight towards the middle of the battlefield.

A chain gun crew takes a strong position in the open. Although located well and dug in, they quickly fall to the approaching Temple Flameguard and their spears.

In the end the heavy steel of the jacks, couldn't contest against the shear numbers and strength of Protectorate forces. After losing forces and not gaining ground, Darius had to withdraw his forces in order to fight another day.


Op-For said...

Well done, and I love the "sproing!" on the Totem Hunter pic.

A^2 said...

yeah I just saw that, very well done man!

CB said...

Very awesome! Looks good man.