Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I've talked to everyone but Spooktalker about getting us some shirts so we can look even more awesome when we go to events... I'm going to work on putting together some art and pricing. What's everyone shirt type preference?

Cryx vs. Menoth

I was going to write a narrative but... it's to much work. Suffice to say that Cryx were victorious, even though it seems I had more points then agreed upon. It was a good game, we had a lot of fun, and hopefully will be able to get Chris into a game next week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Adepta Sororitas V Tyranids

A strong contingent of Adepta Sororitas was sent off to an outer ring planet to take and hold 3 strategic points of importance to learning about the Tyranid threat. Having arrived at the planet in question and deployed it's assets in a spearhead formation they were confronted by a large army of Godzilla type Tyranids marking towards them. (some of this pics are crap). After taking no really casualties from the first few volleys, the Adepta Sororitas started making the Tyranids pay dearly for each step they made closer to the firing line.

Soon, after the smoke had settled the Sisters were still standing and the Tyranids weren't.

2,0 so far for the Sisters!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adepta Sororitas v. Khorne daemons

Adepta Sororitas quickly put together the trickle of disturbing news, originating from the outer rim sector, which painted a very grim picture of the Emperors might, a planet side station that monitors the ebb and flow of the warp.

A strong strike force was deployed planet side as soon as was available, which unfortunately was too late for the monitoring station. Upon deployment, the Adepta Sororitas was ambushed by a strong contingent of Khorne daemons. Surronded, but far from out gunned the sisters held their ground and sent these warp spawn back to the depths of hell from whence they came!

Thanks Greg for a good game, even if it was at outer planes >.< It was nice to finally win a 40k game, lol

Week One Warmachine Theater of War Campaign.

As previously reported, the Draconic Legions made some headway into Fellig and the Protectorate was able to maintain their blockade on the railroad running between Fisherbrook and Fellig.

Declare your battles! Protectorate gets to attack first, Mercs second.

Warmachine / Hordes Theater of War Ed.1

War is Hell. As army forces jockey for position and command of their objectives, two battles erupted this week. A warjack heavy Cygnar force lead by Captain Darius moved into Protectorate held land near Fisherbrook. And the Legion of Everblight organized a surgical strike into Mercenary territory dangerously close to Felling.

The Everblight's strike team plunged into battle quickly and efficiently. Magnus the Traitor attempted to defend a small town from the nimble yet fierce force. A scurvy group of Devil Dogs and strong squad of dwarves joined the battle at a price that Magnus skillfully negotiated. They formed a line with skin and metal to meet the approaching wave of Legion forces.

All attempts to stop the Legion's assault were meet with strong resistance. The dwarves quickly questioned their pay and approaching winged beasts. Fear and panic erupted as they started taking casualties. Magnus tried to rally his troops, but in the end was only left with his jacks to defend the town.

The Totem Hunter fearlessly vaults towards the Mangler's swinging mace.


Feora was leading some troop training exercises North of Fisherbrook along the highly contested train line. Scouts reported a small yet powerful Cygnar force approaching. Feora was able to strategically lead her large army to take up key defensive positions before the enemy could advance.

A full Storm Lance unit moves into position. Although they created serious threat to the Menoth army Darius cautiously commanded them to hang back, hoping to maintain control of the open land in the battle.

A triad of heavy warjacks, fronted by the experienced Ol' Rowdy lumbered straight towards the middle of the battlefield.

A chain gun crew takes a strong position in the open. Although located well and dug in, they quickly fall to the approaching Temple Flameguard and their spears.

In the end the heavy steel of the jacks, couldn't contest against the shear numbers and strength of Protectorate forces. After losing forces and not gaining ground, Darius had to withdraw his forces in order to fight another day.

Pacific con

looks like I'll be headed to pacific con on Saturday the 5th of next month, anyone else interested in going? They are having a Flea market!! go to there website here

Thursday, August 20, 2009

MORE OWLBEARS! Roll for initiative!

Otherworld have finally got round to their take on everyone's favorite canonical D&D beast!


OH yeah last night marked the start of the OP-4 Warmachine / Hordes Theater of War Ed.1 Throw down!

Last night Everblight invaded the mercs, and showed no mercy when taking the cityscape in what is sure to be remembered as a complete bloodbath. On the other side of the map the holy order of Menoth, led by Fenora battled in a close fight with their godless Cygnar overlords! The Protectorate held strong against the forces in blue and were able to hold on to their lands!

It was a fun night full of death and distruction, and fun was had by all (except by OP-4 and his mercs >.<)

Trevor is the official cronicaller, so we'll wait for pics from him!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dungeon Crawl!

I thought I'd honor all the effort Spooktalker put into the AD&D adventure by enhancing some of the pics.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Necroday III Report

Op-For's annual all-day Necromunda event was a great success! Aug 2 2009, 8 players brought more than 10 gangs and there was non-stop mayhem in the underhive until early in the next morning. Thanks everyone who came and made it happen!

See full-size pics on Flickr, where you can comment on individual pics.

Here is my personal report--others, please add your report in a comment!

I played four games. First up, my Redemptionists, the Red Dragons, were massively outgunned by the Machine Cult. Despite loosing a heavy, the Cult had little trouble rescuing their comrade and dispatching the sentries. The redemption had a mediocre post game but no tragedies, and are slowly building their ranks, biding their time, and forming a plan. The underdog bonus didn't hurt in the post-game.

No surprise (to me anyway) that the Dust Brothers performed much better in their games. They took on the underhive fuzz (Princint 414) in classic shootout. The Brothers took up cover in a warehouse and the enforcers took several fortified surrounding positions. Trouble started when a small contingent of enforcers charged over a sump bridge toward the warehouse. They encountered heavy fire, retreated back on the bridge, and were torn apart from both sides, as friendly fire from the heavy stubber did as much damage as the Brothers themselves. The enforcers effectively defied targets to the Brother's usual MVP Hellhammer, but the bridge incident was enough to route the enforcers in the end.

In the next game the Brothers raided a secret stash of the Bodysnatchers, and came out victorious again. With surgical precision an elite band of Brothers snuck up to the loan sentry as Brother Malka brought the plasma cannon to bear on the stash gateway. In a turn the sentry was silences, the stash blown and the alarm sounded. What remained was for the brothers to fight their way back to their own turf.

In the final game the Dust Brothers faced up against the reigning tyrants of the underhive, the Machine Cult. The brothers were unperturbed by a massive deficit in gang ratings (nearly a 1000 points difference) and fought cautiously but effectively despite unfamiliarity being the underdog. A low-bloodshed game ended with an untimely bottling of some of the less stalwart of Hellmammer's men. I'll leave it to my opponent to mention the incident with the hallucinogen grenade--let's just say a daring maneuver on his part won him the game and resulted in a tragic mishap for at least one brother. Despite the loss, post battle yielded skills in spades for the brothers, and a few of these will even be helpful. The brothers swear revenge on the Van Saar infidels!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Warmachine Video Game

The Privateer forums were maxed out, twitter feeds checked every 15 seconds. The wait was over. As they let batchs of people into the presentation at GenCon, news slowly spread out. It's Official. The new big thing for Warmachine is a Video Game for XBox, PS3 and PC. Or is maybe someday...

Here are some pictures that were taken at the presentation...

A better view of the rendering.

Here are some insites gathered from the Privateer Press forums of the "Next Big Thing for Warmachine".

- Fast paced Action strategy game, focusing on a more skirmish level (like Company of Heros)

- Single and online Multi-player game modes

- Player will take command of a Warcaster, with Warjacks, units, solos

- Each faction is playable. Mercs faction will be available later as downloadable content

- Possibility to customize your own warcaster

- Focusing on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 systems

- Hordes may be a sequel

- Developer is a new company called WhiteMoon Dreams. Looks like they opened shop in May 2009. Former developers at EA that worked on Medal of Honor and Fallout. They have 11 employees and one game already called Aftermath.

Actual presentation has 2 rendered images and a short looping animation. Goal of meeting was to generate interest and support in the community to hopefully lead to a game development. There is no actual game available at this time. The PP forums are not excited.

Here is the link White Moon Dreams (the developer) has put up

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bagged another one boys...Warmachine/Hordes

OK, so TS and I played a game of Warmachine vs. Hordes action last night out in the Santa Rosa Op For southern annex (my garage), and the trollBLOOD was flowing! The fanatical forces under the command of Severius laid the serious smack down on the trollblood and allied bog trog infantry. The notorious trollblood bounty hunter and his old rhulic drinking buddy Brun Crackback were on the run from the rampaging Menite forces trying to avoid capture and a trip to the gallows and barbeque in their honor by ducking in and out of terrain.

Grim hunkered down behind a rock outcrop, dodging redeemer rockets, spells, zealot bombs, and taking shots with his high caliber rifle while keeping an eye on Severius scalp. He popped his feet restricting the enemies movement and avoiding capture 1 more turn. All the while the crafty Brun Crackback was moving around the Menoth flank, and then POW burst from the woods and gave Severius a face full of blunderbus shot!

Bloody for the trollbloods (just Grim and Brun were left standing to probably 60-70% of the remaining Menoth forces), but goes to show that you can't keep a good troll (or dwarf) down, especially when there's a bounty to collect.