Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Tale of Five Friends

Here you go guys, this is how it all starts...

Five friends born in the same city, but from different walks of life joined in a common goal, to secure the boarders of their troubled homeland, enforce the law of the land they so love, and to take down the corruption that lies within.

The first step to this enormous task that these friends and adventures have put upon themselves is to join the special operations section, which until lately was only pulling people from within it's own ranks. However, with the current plague running rampant within the city of Aurnir the division know as the Black Ravens has been decimated in number. Add to the fact that one of these friends is already a among the Seekers, getting in was the easy part.

In order to test their metal, the grand inquisitor has ordered these five friends on a low level mission, one that involves traveling north to speak with some of your dwarven counterparts in the hold of Wintersbreath about the growing concerns of the guild of death and their brutal martial wing the Nighthawks.

Tread carefully, starting next week the fun starts.


A^2 said...

Chris's Character update:

You were given a special pistol handed down from your father and your fathers father. It bares the Crest of your family and your family's colors. Through the years you have learned to augment this gun, and under your fathers tutorship, who is an engineer, you have added a scope which
imparts the following rule:

You may choose to forfeit all movement this
turn in order to make a more accurate shot, this increases your BS by 10%
for the round you fire.

The rest of your equipment follows the guide laid out in the book (medium armor, some rope and a short sword) Knowing that you are going on a long journey we will say that you have bought enough
powder to last you the way. You also have a horse, which you are leaving stabled in the city at special unit HQ.

A^2 said...

Damon's Update:

You were not born among these humans in the hustle and bustle of the city, you were brought up in the forests that your kind call home. You're skill
with a long bow is only slightly above average compared to those of your kin, however you are unmatched by any of your party members or most other people of different races. Upon setting out to find your fortune (and eventually meet your friends) you weer taught how to make arrows by the most skilled Fletcher in your village.

This allows you for an hour and craft arrows (at a rate of 5/hour) that give you a 5% increase to your BS. You must however use these arrows quickly before they degrade and loose their awesomeness. If you do not fire them within a day of crafting them they loose their properties. You've spent the time and craft 20 arrows for the journey you are about to undertake. They are mixed in with some of the regular 10 human arrows in your hip quiver which gives another interesting rule:

You must roll a D6 every time you want to shoot on a 3+ you get your special arrows on a 1 or 2 you are stuck shooting human arrows.

CB said...

Arrows of Awesomeness! Where can I pick some of them up?


A^2 said...

Clark's Update:

The great benefit of being a rogue is that you are able to take people out before they know what hit them. As part of the Raven Guards standard loadout for a Rogue, you are also given 3 magical items to make your killings more silent and deadly.

The first Item you were given upon entering the Raven Guards was a garrote wire made from fine Elven steel which is built into the bracelet that you have. It will not break it grants a 5% bonus to your grapple rolls and upon the second round of combat if you have still have the target in a grapple the wire casts silence 15 foot radius.

The second item you were given is a set of boots which allow you to move silently without effort or penalty to movement speed.

The last item you were given is a drik. Its not just any drik it awards a 2xdamage to backstab attacks.

Good luck

A^2 said...

OOC I had this long thing written out but my computer went boom. here is the skinny version.

Greg's update:

You've got a two handed axe that in addition to its normal properties allows you to make melee attacks against green skins at a 15% bonus for the first round of combat with a new foe. You can also upgrade it later on when you get more advancements. Each upgrade will require something special that you can get from a side quest. Upgrades will give you further bonuses to other monster classes.

Op-For said...

Greg's axe could have spaces to inset gems or runes, like Rutger Hauer's sword in Ladyhawke. BTW, Ladyhawke had the three radest thing ever in a fantasy movie: Michelle Pfeiffer, Ferris Bueller and disco music.

A^2 said...

Trevor Update:

I'm going to just give you the stats of your special weapons, and add the fluff to it later.

You have been given a throwing axe called the Decapitator. It grants the following profile. On a successful hit you will roll 2d6, on a roll of 10 plus you have decapitated your target dealing critical damage (3d6). If the roll for damage is above the targets wounds it is fully decapitated and can't be healed or rezed. If its below the wound value it will bleed for a d3 every time it takes an action.

CB said...

Phillipe "the mouse" Gaston! That is a rad movie, and it has a few other awesome features:

1. Crazy old man
2. Filth covered peasants
3. Evil high priest villian
4. Young Michelle Pfiffer (deserves another vote)

This game is sound like Gotrek and Felix craziness, should be fun!