Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Forward the Revolution!

Word of the the day: GameCrime.

Referring to any factor which makes a game unsatisfactory to play. Including but not limited to: Powergaming, non WYSIWYG models, unpainted models, ugly terrain, no terrain, sore losers, rules lawyers, stupid, illogical or unnecessary rules, rule exploiters, bad fluff, clubs who encourage cheesiness.

On a related note, it was discovered that Citizen AA had not watched Firefly. This was certainly grounds for execution, however our Beloved Leader commuted his sentence to one week in the GM education camp. The results of his toil will be exhibited tomorrow. Citizen RG is under investigation because his Firefly status is in question.

Your task for the week is to add to list of GameCrimes.


A^2 said...

oh crap I thought this would not be leaked!

Op-For said...

Report to Room 101.

CB said...

Aw dude, there goes your geek cred!

A^2 said...

"If somebody try's to kill you, you try and kill them right back!"

Rofl best line ever!

CB said...

See what you've been missing dude...Firefly is classic!

A^2 said...

Firefly CHECK!