Tuesday, May 19, 2009

D -3

The time is nearly at hand. There are dark portents in the sky and nerds gather to the south. Redemption shall be yours if you confess your sins by listing what you are bringing to KublaCon. This will give us a better idea of the games/rules/terrain/miniatures to bring. Post your litanies in the comments below.


CB said...

Ya, I'm fired up this should be fun! I'll be there Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Here's what I'm bringing and what events I have my eye on:

To Bring:
Blood Bowl Orcs
Warmachine and Hordes Stuff
Necromunda Orlocs
Maybe a boardgame or 2

Events I may check out:
FRI 7PM Habit, Hoc Habe! - gladiators 28mm
SAT 10AM Legends of the Old West - Alamo
SAT 10AM Bloodbowl Kubla Cup
SAT 12PM Warmachine kill the caster event
SAT 8PM Warmachine-Hordes Steamroller Tourney
SUN 10AM Legends on the High Seas -Pirates in Africa


Op-For said...

Here's my list:
Escher, Cawdor, Enforcer gangs
Sisters, Undead, Beastmen, Mercs
Battlefleet Gothic
Imperial(massive), Chaos(about 1500pts)
Mercenaries(up to 700/35-40pts)
Chaos team
Imperial Guard(2000+pts)

I also plan on bringing Bomberz, Brewhouse Bash, Gloom, Zombies and a few other board games.

Anthony said...

Mordhiem stuffs
Warmachine protectorate stuffs
SM 1500 points
Fantasy Vamps 2250 (Fed up list)
and thats really all I have >.<

CB said...

Dang Clark, good thing you have a van dude!

Guess I better bring some Mordheim along as well. We can get in that Dwarf challange for Mordheim down there if you want Anthony. I'll bring something, not 100% sure what yet but probably Averlanders, Skaven, or Possessed.

Clark are we covered for terrain or should I bring some of my stuff too?


dijerydont said...

I plan on bringing:
Bbowl High Elves or Lizardmen
Mordheim Elves or Lizardmen
Fantasy Elves or Lizardmen
Necromunda Elves or Lizardmen
Warmaster Elves or Lizardmen
Bgothic Elves or Lizardmen
Warmachine Elves or Lizardmen

Spooktalker said...

I mentioned this in the other thread, but I'll be there with

Necromunda: Redemptionists; Cawdor
Mordheim: Orcs
Warmaster: 1000pts Chaos Nurgle Mortals
Hordes: 500 pts Circle Orboros

Look for me at one of these two events Friday:
Friday 6pm - Warmachine/Hordes 350 mangled metal
Fiday at 7pm - Marketplace of Death (Legends of the Old West)