Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Under the wire again!

I submitted an event proposal to KublaCon. Its on the first page if you click the miniatures link.

Titled "An Evening with Op-For" it should be a cool alternative to the tournament style of games play. I'll post some more info soon.


Spooktalker said...

I'm looking forward to the event!

That said, I hate to say it but I think the wording of the write up is a little combative, and I don't think that's our intention. How'd you manage to pack so much value judgment going on in that space of words? ;)

Speaking of emoticons, maybe that's all the writeup needs to convey we're only kidding. Look the writup again, though--if I know gamers, thems kind of fightin words WILL be taken the wrong the way. Eh?

Op-For said...

Taken the wrong way? I meant everything I said. If some miscreant gets lathered up by it, he should come and try it our way. I guess we've lived in California too long, value judgments can be a good thing. My write up was intended to be a litmus test, if the reader thinks, "Who do those jerks think they are calling me a mouth breather?" (pant, pant) then they can shuffle their sixty necrons somewhere else. However, if they think, "Last time I played a tourney there was this wanker with sixty necrons... Hmm Necromunda with the Op-For guys sounds pretty sweet!" then I want us to provide the place for that.
I still have to contact the Min Coordinator, poor guy must be swamped right now, his reply mentioned something about us running a Heavy Gear event instead.. best we clear that up.

Anthony said...

So now that a month has passed do we have any updates. I'm going ot be bringing my hordes and menoth army for sure, most likely my fantasy and 40k too. I need to talk to you all about necromunda though, I have no figs for that lol.