Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I stand within the Pleasure Dome...

We are running "An Evening with Op-For" at KublaCon this year. It will be sort of a structured pick up game environment, where players can play games they love, games they haven't played in a while or perhaps play a game they have never played before. So if you want to play Necromunda, Mordheim, Warhammer, 40k, Warmachine, Hordes, Warmaster, Bloodbowl, Gorkamorka, Lord of the Rings SBG or Battlefleet Gothic this will be the place to do it.
We want to keep it flexible so there won't be any fixed army sizes, it will be up to the players to decide. However, players are encouraged to play multiple games, so 1000pts for 40k, Warhammer or 20-30pts for Warmachine etc.
There will be lots of the fun stuff you've come to expect from Op-For, like killer terrain, special scenarios and cool prizes.
Let us know if there are any other games or variants you'd like to play. Killteam or Warhammer Skirmish for example. Leave your comments below.


Anthony said...

I'm just looking forward to coming, and I don't really care what we play! It should be noted that those point values for warmachine are for mk2 :D and also if you wanted to play a Hordes v MK2 warmahcine I've got a few rough estimates from PP on army sizes. 30 = 500 75 = 750 by most respects.

Spooktalker said...

I will be there with:
500 pts Circle Orboros
1000 pts Warmaster Nurgle Mortals
The Dust Brothers Cawdor Gang
The Red Dragons Redemptionists Gang
And freshly painted,
The Old Skull Tribe Orcs Gang

Look forward to it!

About MKI / MKII, I say play MKI everyone. No attempt was made by PP to balance the MKII stuff against Hordes. Even if you assign an arbitrary points ratio, the MKII stuff only relates to MKII stuff.

Spooktalker said...

I should have said, when it's Hordes on WM play MKI. If both sides are WM then sure, play whichever rules suit you. Just be prepared to play MKI if you're up against Hordes (i.e. me) :) )