Monday, March 30, 2009

Warmachine Video Game: Truth or Fiction?

So I was stumbling through the Privateer Press forums and ran into this that was posted.

Could it be... a Warmachine Video Game...?

In depth analysis flowed through the forum community as the buzz and excitement levels raised. They reviewed all known elements and speculated about the rest. Fighting game, Real Time Strategy, MMO? What was it? It had all the marks of being real. All the logos, matched those companies involved with other game products. They even found the Warmachine info on some of these websites.. Here at ScaleForm and on this PDF online.

What was it....?
Then we got the post that everyone dreaded from Kevin a PP admin...

"The screenshot taken at GDC is of a technical demo created by Emergent to showcase their latest middleware product release and features the WARMACHINE intellectual property. While this is not an *actual* game, it is about five minutes of fun demonstrating what warjacks might look like in a video game environment. We have a fantastic article coming in next month's No Quarter that will tell you all about Emergent's efforts and how they brought a little piece of WARMACHINE to life on the computer."

O well, maybe next time.


Op-For said...

The fact that there is only one image of the Cygnar jack and that both are unarmed suggests that it is indeed a demo. That said, a warjack fighting game would be frickin' sweet!
Best case scenario is that they are developing the game and "Kevin" posted the "truth" just to throw off all the slavening nerds for the year or two it will take to produce it.

"These are not the steam-powered magical-brained robots you're looking for..."

CB said...

Would be cool. Looks pretty legit, so I'd imagine something is in the works, but it's probably a couple years out.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard that White Moon Dreams has the rights to make the Warmachine video game. Check out their website.