Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lady Luck shines on the Maulers!

After a some stiff competition and a one week rain-delay, Malal's Maulers beat the Wasteland Blackhorns 1 to 0. There must have still been a few puddles out on the pitch, because the Blackhorns proved you can keep your eyes on the prize, but only if you look where you're going. The quickest way to the end zone is not on a stretcher. The League Commissioner has the Maulers under investigation, due to rumors of the Maulers' Cheerleaders being seen exiting the Blackhorns locker room with tubes of grease and a cleat wrench. Cheeky Daemonettes! An anonymous Blackhorns staffer thinks this explains why so many players ended up in the infirmary.
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skywatcher said...

A follow-up story to last nights rough game... the first year coach of the Blackhorns, Saw Tooth, has officially filed a request for a formal league investigation. Here is a clip during his appearance, "The Maulers! What do I think of those Maulers!?! They are dirty cheatn' hogs! Did you see the shenanigans during the second half!?! I got McSpike, one of my top players, 9 yards from the endzone, he has nobody even close to him for like 40 yards, and he falls flat on his face, knocking himself out of the game! That leads to a fricken turnover and touchdown in the last minute of the game. Where are the refs? Where's the yellow flags? No where, that's where! I'm fed up with following their rules." Saw Tooth slammed a stack of papers full of incoherent scribble on the commissioners desk and stormed off.

We have early reports of one of the Blackhorn recruiters meeting with the infamous Skar. This Chaos Warrior earned his nickname "Necksnapper" over the course of two seasons of bloodletting due to his "unconventional" football tactics, culminating in his expulsion from the league two years ago when he killed a referee and threw his body into the stands for getting in his way during a blitz. We hope for the league ref's and team players for that matter, that he will never play again.

CB said...

Sounds like a good game! Sorry I missed it. See ya'll next week.