Monday, March 9, 2009

Introducing The Wasteland Black Horns

This is the first year in this expansion team's history. Players were hand selected by head Coach Saw-Tooth from various villages throughout the Wastelands. Raised in extreme environments and punished through years of rival village warfare, these beast's of the desert are a force to behold. A number of Beastmen make up the majority of the lineup, followed by a pair of well-trained Chaos Warriors. Days before the first pre-season match, they secured their last player to the starting lineup, a Minotar. This beast of a creature stands three heads above all the rest of the field. While this monster already killed two of the team's trainers, Saw-Tooth says "We are confident that he will be an asset to the team."

In the team's first match, and a pre-season game, we defeated a strong Norse team. Although more agile, our strength and brutality clearly made up for this, letting one of our Beastmen run in a score during the first half. Coach Saw-Tooth wants to formally announce the arrival of this team to the grid iron, and to state their intentions of "going all the way" as he put it. Good luck to all.


Op-For said...

Malal's Maulers would have eaten the team they played in the preseason, but they'd been dead for a while. With all the time freed up from not feasting, the Maulers worked on their ball handling. Those touchdowns must have pleased the Gods, because two of the beastmen were granted mutations. Let the Beatings Begin!

Spooktalker said...

Good catching up with Black Horns news. Info-bites like this are always welcome for those of us who can't make the home games.