Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Report

Well in a spectacular display of unproductiveness I didn't really get much gaming, painting, or modeling in over my holiday vacation. I'd planned on painting up a new Mordheim warband, finishing off some Cygnar models, getting some mad gaming in, and painting some mordheim terrain and texturing a 4x4 game board.

Here's a tally of holiday vacation nerd activity:

  • Played 2-3 games of 'Ticket to Ride' in Arizona.
  • Checked out a pimped out game shop called Empire Games in Arizona.
  • Andrew and I played a game of Hordes at afore mentioned Nerd Sanctuary (Balder mauled Grissel and her trolls).
  • Santa Nerd game loot: Jeremiah Kraye (cygnar warcaster), Ingenious (boardgame) - later found missing pieces and used return $$ to pick up Tannhauser online. Nerdy movies - Batman Begins, Ironman, Curse of the Golden Flower.
  • Slapped a little more paint on Epic Nemo and Capt. Strangeways models.
  • Assembled and primed dwarf warband for Mordheim
  • Failed attempt at texturing game board. Picked up Tuscan Plaster 'oops' textured paint from home depot. Looked cool going on, now looks like salt wastes, Mono Lake ecological disaster. Cool cracked earth effect, will either scrape and just sand and flock this board or remove pieces that are cracking off and turn into a cool badlands/desert board.
  • Game of warmachine/hordes against Andrew. Circle one again, Krueger beat down Darius.

Anyone else get any nerd loot or get their game on this vacation?


skywatcher said...

Great work there. Maybe the desert board will look good. Sounds like some sort of chemical reaction happened there.

My holiday was strictly family focused no gaming. The only gaming had was on my phone. Santa (my sister) catered to my nerd requests and I scored some WM loot: full unit of Idrians and epic Severius.

Modeling wise, I sealed up my BFG Tau. Apparently I was so excited to finally call them done, that I carelessly watched as the Tau Carrier made a nose dive from 4 feet to concrete below. Got some repair work for it now. On a more creative note, I started putting together my Necromunda gang, got 2 guys modeled and working on bases for them now.

Spooktalker said...

Good to hear about your games, projects, and loot, both of you. Hope those mishaps turn out right in the end. Doesn't sound like you were unproductive from your report, CB!

I'm on winter break but it hasn't gone as planned--at all. My GF and I have been sick with the flu for OVER THREE WEEKS, I kid you not. I got in two Necromunda games, both times I thought I was well and then promptly relapsed afterward. Anyway, at least I can use my illness to excuse the fact that the Ghost Face Killers got mauled both times, and when Father Breughel rolled snake eyes on the injury chart, the brethren disbanded. Will the Ghost Face Killers rise again under new leadership? For now the masks and cloaks have been hidden away. . .

Was hoping to do some serious modeling and painting, but instead it's been a bunch of odd jobs here and there:


5 redemption conversions in various stages of wip, some nearly finished painting

got 17 mutant rats here, seeing whether I can get some done for the game this month

photoshoot of the Dust Brothers

Circle Orboros:

finished druids conversions and I'm far along in painting

my proxy warp wolf is 95% done. the centerpiece of my force for sure.

ravagers conversions (altered faces) finalized and figs primed

Old School Orcs & Goblins:

working on conversions (new faces and necks) of some Dwarf Wars wolves for my gobbos

some work done on a conversion of wyvern (2nd Trish Morrison sculpt)

working on orcs painting/assembling, working up to a unit of 30

But the most satisfying (though it only took a few minutes): Varnished 17 orcs. The final coats really brings them home for me. Can't wait to show them off, and play some Mordheim.

Night goblins are also underway, with 13 ready to varnish and 17 primed for painting.


Working on launching a blog for my personal miniatures projects (as opposed to my commission work). Have WordPress installed and am working out a number of details.

Working out the details of my narrative wargaming project, tentatively called Tabletop Battle Theater.

Doing some intensive planning of terrain projects, which involved greatly improving my skill in Sketchup.