Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chip the glasses, crack the plates...

The Grudgebearers
- Lootin' and Pillagin' in the ruins of Mordheim.

Need a halfling/hobbit burglar/scout and my evil plan is complete!


skywatcher said...

Oh I’m a little dwarf and I’m not very tall,
My name is Snorri and I’d like you all,
To say hello to me and my friends,
But you’ll have to wait till the music ends.
If you want to say hello to Hakkon and his friends,
You can do it now when the music ends.
Hello Hakkon!

Op-For said...

I hates rotten stunties!

CB said...

Hakkon's catch phrase:

"I pity the Fool!" He needs some gold chains. I need to model up a gyrocopter pilot named Murdoc, a slick stunty named 'Face', and start calling my noble 'The Colonel'.

I love it when a plan comes together...