Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Come to Oakland It'll Be a Lot of Fun Dudes !

I sent out the word, but I will grab up some space to go on some more about it: THIS weekend, Saturday evening through all day Sunday I'm hosting games at my place in Oakland and all Op-For is invited.

I'll have the place to myself and there is room for 3+ tables and plenty of room to crash for out-of-towners.

So far I've got 2 yesses and a maybe, so despite my woefully last-minute planning it looks like we can make it happen. So sound off in the comments if you can make it. Itinerary is open to discussion. Warmachine, Necromunda, Space Hulk, Warmaster, etc.


Op-For said...

I wanted to go, until I saw the pic you posted. I got too fat for my Sailor Moon outfit and Damon's Professor Phineas T. Raccoon fursona seriously skeeves me.

Ryder said...

Fine then, and while you're at it why don't you upstage my mildly irreverent pic with an uproarious rejoinder full of lolz?