Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Overboard on eBay

Went on a bit of a shopping spree with a focus on Necromunda. Goal is to build out a legit Delaque gang WYSIWYG using GW models. Below are the bits and bobs gathered so far to meet this end.

Conversion bits from MaxMini.eu. The shipment came quickly and safely from Poland. Casts are clean with very little to no flashing.
Tox Guardsman heads (top left)
Ash Junkers heads (top middle)
Biohazard Heads (top right)
Biohazard Backpacks (bottom)

Head conversion bits by PigIron Productions. Shipment arrived safely from United Kingdom.
HD.20 Kolony Rebel head sprues (left)
HD.1 Kolony Rebel head sprues (right)

20 model Cultists sprue. Scored off ebay on the cheap. Although I wanted to go all metal with this gang. These models are really cool looking and should match up with the older models with a little bit of conversion.

18 model Delaque gang models plus 5 Ratskin models. Two separate auctions won on eBay. The Delaque models are in different stages of conversion, with most of them missing an arm or weapon. That's fine by me, because I plan on converting. All models came stripped. Not sure if the Ratskins have even seen paint before.

Necromunda Rulebooks. All books and magazines (minus the Outlanders) came from one eBay auction. I think it was quite a score. Now I need to find the two missing magazines (3 & 7).

Necromunda Magazine Issues 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,10 (missing 3 and 7)

Necromunda Magazine Issues 11,12 and Volume 2 Issues 1,2,3