Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aces and Eights.

The Underhive is never a peaceful, relaxing place. Last year it was Genestealers, this year its Zombies. I know the Zombie genre is played, but like Heavy Metal, it will never truly die. Fitting. The game I'm going to run at KublaCon this year will be different from last year's. Instead of whole gangs working together to fight an unknown menace, it will be one or two fighters from each gang, choosing to work together to survive a zombie horde.

I'm proud to announce that this years game will be sponsored by CADAVRIL. Cadavril is the finest lich-paste on the market, it is a delicious spread for toasted sandwiches, it gives a full, rich flavor when added to soups, and can be made into an invigorating beverage for those cold nights manning the wall. Ask for Cadavril, piping hot!