Monday, January 3, 2011

Gentlemen Start Your BATTLE Engines

Privateer Press just begun to unveil their rumor happy Battle Engines models for the upcoming Wrath book. Built of Resin and mounted 120mm bases these models are the biggest player pieces yet for Warmachine. It will be interesting to see how game rules play out. And how will this balance out against Hordes? Or will Hordes be getting their own giants or mega beasts?

First one out to the showroom floor is the Khador Gun Carriage:

Around other models (jacks included) we see how big they are.


CB said...

Get rid of the Horses and it'd be sweet! It's actually not bad with the robo horses, but I think it would be sick with WWI era tracks.

A^2 said...

Dude I was thinking the same thing!! I've got to say that I am really on the fence about this...It has the potential the enrich the game or ruin it >.<

Op-For said...

Wow, large resin models. They really are different from GW.