Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: The year of Op-For

I have never been a fan of resolutions. While losing weight, quitting smoking or being nicer to people are all noble pursuits, the focus is on improving ones self. Due to the infallibility granted to me as Shadowy Supreme Overlord of Op-For (and a fair bit due to spellcheck) there is no need for me to improve. Indeed, as members of Op-For, you all are bastions of Hobby Gamer ideal. However, I think goal setting is something we can all do.
My gaming goals for 2011:
1)Finish painting all my Necromunda gangs (Eschers, Ratskins, Spyrers, Scavvies, and Pit Slaves).
2)Finish building and painting my Cygnar army.
3)Finish AA's Goliath gang before his next birthday.
4)Paint a gold medal worthy entry for the Kublacon painting contest.

Feel free to list your own goals in the comments below.


A^2 said...

My gaming related goals for 2011:

1) Care less what I play and focus on the comradely that comes along with gaming.

2) Going to build a terrain board.

3) Host a gaming day at my place!

4) Try to maintain my duties as Sargent at Arms for OP4, updating the blog, setting up games for people and coordinating game days.

5) Feed my fellow gamers, both with good food and positive energy.

6) Follow through with painting something that is worthy of an award at Kublacon.

7) Finish all my painting commissions and market myself for more!

skywatcher said...

Valiant resolutions lads of gamerdom. I suppose I must partake in sharing goals for the 2011 gaming season. Here it goes:

1) Take up the crusade of having a 100% painted Menoth standing army

2) Stretch my hobby skill muscle by modeling one of a kind versions of Warmachine models: Avatar, Harbinger and Vigilant

3) Complete my Delaque Necromunda gang

4) Attend my first gaming convention: Kublacon

5) Photo document my modeling/gaming to share with our online community

6) Start no more than 1 new game system

Cheers to all! May all your dice roll well, pass your tough checks and enjoy the camaraderie of the game.

CB said...

Hey this is an awesome idea!

1) Finish painting up Cygnar Kraye Tier list for Warmachine, and post progress to the blog.

2) Clean house! and clear out some stuff that's been sitting around forever (Warhammer Dwarves, extra Empire, tons of misc. crap).

3) Play a game of Epic with Damon and Clark or give the stuff back!

4) Play a game of Arkham Horror which I've had for 2 years unplayed or kick it to the curb.

5) Run one session of Rogue Trader for you guys (Clark b-day redux?).

6) Sacrifice some video gaming time for more painting/modeling/Terrain time (just got Fallout New Vegas, and Lotro Mines of Moria for Christmas ...uhh ya I'll work on it.

7) I like this one of Trevor's so I'm gonna steal it:

Start no more than 1 new game system (board games don't count).

skywatcher said...

I just counted my Menoth army. How inspiring!!

Totaling 124 models. Of those only 30 are painted. 4 remain in blisters and 90 are assembled on bases.

So I am 24.2% painted on my army as of 1/3/11. Let the painting begin!