Sunday, July 11, 2010

How did you spend your Summer Vacation?

I've been planning a paint scheme for my Infinity PanOceania forces. I've settled on a Mass Effect inspired theme of white armor with bold red accents and glowing techy-bits. Of course that meant another run through of Mass Effect 2. This time as an Infiltrator, with the sniper rifle and active camo, just more inspiration. If only clear polyester resin weren't so brittle...
The Infinity miniatures are a strange beast. They have very finely sculpted detail, but the production quality is not so great. Out of the 11 I have built so far 2 were short shots, 5 had that pewter tumor where the mold has started to shred and one had multiple pieces that did not match up. They are beautiful miniatures, but they take alot of work to get them there. I would not recommend getting into this game unless you can get the miniatures at a deep discount, as the quality of the miniatures does not justify the high cost.
In other miniature news, Our (not so) FPlGS has restocked its Warmachine racks and I was able to get most of what I need for my All Tricornes All the Time Cygnar Army.
Pretty much all I need is a Squire (which I forgot to look for) and then I won't have to say, "Magic Bullet, Magic Bullet, I'm out of Magic Bullets."


A^2 said...
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CB said...

Cool, man. I've had good luck with the quality of the Yu Jing stuff, but have mostly the newer sculpted minis so mold wear isn't an issue. Guess them's the breaks when dealing with one of the small mini-makers.

The PanOc color scheme sounds cool. Look forward to seeing em out!