Thursday, May 6, 2010

Round One Blood Bowl Standings

Ok sports fans had some blood bowl matches last night and here are the results:

The Doom Hammers (Chaos Dwarf) 1-0 over Nurgle's Rotters:

This game was a tooth and nail slug fest with 80% of the teams in a giant scrum for much of the match. The Doom Hammer's were able to get a break away touchdown with a hand off to the Chaos Centaur "Khaaaan!"-tm, who was able to sprint into the endzone.

Khaaaan! skilled up with Block, and the hobgob, Hobjo Sluglick went out with a busted kneecap and will miss the next game and suffered -1 MV.

Fruit Elves 3-0 over Amazons:

The fans were hatin' on the 'zons and put 2 off of the pitch with throw bloodwizer bottles. This game was a smashfest with many players getting crowd-surfed, bashed, and beat-up. The WE speed allowed them to get the ball into the inzone consistently. One elf died and I think the 'zons come back with a full roster next week.

The wood elves had 3 players advance with a wardancer going up to STR 4....scary man, scary....

matches for next week, I think, is this right Damon?:

Doom Hammers vs. Fruit Loops

Nurgle vs. Amazons


CB said...

Hey A^2, Let me know what to call your Wood Elves.

Op-For said...

The report didn't convey the utter trouncing the Elves gave the Amazons.

A^2 said...

Anthony's Lumberjack's